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Friday, September 30, 2011

Was Joseph Smith Ahead of his Time?

We just left Salt Lake City and being at the center of Mormanism got me thinking about their early practice of polygamy which they abandoned in the late 1800s, I believe because of the desire for statehood. To their credit, the Morman Church has opposed same sex marriage, but the assault on the institution makes polygamy and polyamory and every other deviant lifestyle inevitable. Once the institution is defined as whatever I define as love, the possibilities are limitless. Hey, we've got dozens of "genders" now; why not dozens of "marriages" including same sex, bigamy, polygamy, incestuous, child and adult, you name it. After all, as Woody Allen says, the heart wants what the heart wants (and so do the genitals). One guy in Australia married his dog, why not a girl and her horse or an old goat and his ewe. What's to stop it?

I'll tell you...look in the mirror. Don't buy into the lie that same sex deviance is equivalent to the normal attraction between a man and woman, or the lie that mutilating the body and pumping it full of artificial hormones can change the genetic makeup of a woman into a man or vice versa. Live in the real world! Treat all people with respect, but not their sick ideas. Love always tells the truth with charity. As St. Paul says, "Love is patient, love is kind," but it is also "not happy with evil, but rejoices in the truth."

Speak the truth in love and prepare to be persecuted like the Master. To be like Him is an honor.


  1. Hey, hey - just a minute now. My new doggie is a boy and he's darn cute. Marriage just may be an option. ;-)

    Looking at Chastity Bono makes me ill. Imagine having your breasts cut off for no good reason and taking hormones so you can grow some hair on your face?

    Heck, if she just waited long enough she could be guaranteed a bunch of chin whiskers when she got to be my age.

  2. actually, polygamy protects women in cultures where women cannot work for a living and rely on family to support them in their old age. So a man who in the modern US would divorce his old wife and abandon his kids for a bimbo would merely marry both, and when war decimated men, single women would be able to support themselves without resorting to prostitution or destitution.
    Also, it enabled women to limit pregnancies: in Africa, there was no sex during pregnancy and breast feeding time, which could extend for 3 to 4 years.

    In contrast, what is happening in the US is the deliberate "deconstruction" of marriage as an institution, in the name of feminist equality and freedom (replacing the extended family with the powerful state, which the experts will run). It started with easy divorce, and what we see now is the fruit of that original decision.

    The danger is not hedonism per se as much as we are destroying the idea of marriage. Most folks will settle down and marry one way or another, but now we have no "negative feedback" for those who don't take responsibility (indeed, welfare encourages lack of responsibility on the part of the father).

    Here in the Philippines, the US (and the Powerful NGO's) are pressing us to promote artificial birth control and US type sex education in public schools, and to legalize divorce... and the bishops are opposing it. So the press is trying to catch the bishops in a scandal to keep them quiet. Please pray for us.