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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day -- to all the fathers in my life!

To my dad, Raymond Schneider, who was such a model of strength to his family. I thought he could do anything, fix anything, and knew everything. I especially thank you and Mom for giving me brothers and sisters and having us in Church every Sunday dressed in our Sunday best. (And for doughnuts after church!) Rest in peace, Daddy.

To my father-in-law, Albert Kreitzer, who could build anything and was usually busy doing it. Thanks for teaching Larry so many skills that he continues to use today and especially an example of living the faith. Rest in peace, Dad.

To my husband Larry who is kind, considerate, a loving father to his children and the best "Paka" our many grandchildren could possibly have. Enjoy a great Father's Day, honey!

To all the fathers of our grandchildren, our two sons David and Neil, and our sons-in-law, Chris, Lawrence, and Jonathan -- thank you for your love for your wives and your love and protection of our grandchildren! You have truly blessed us.

To all the spiritual fathers in my life -- all my past spiritual directors, my priest friends, those who've heard my confessions and given me Holy Communion. And a special thank you to Fr. James Buckley who leads a silent Ignatian Retreat that I've been attending for a decade. He celebrates his 50th anniversary as a priest this year. Congratulations, Father.

And to all the lay fathers I know who I see serving their families, the Church, and the community. God bless you all on this Father's Day!

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