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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Laugh of the Day from Fr. Z's Comment Section: Turn Down that Air Conditioner!

Fr. Z has a post on the encyclical and, as I was reading the comments, I had my first laugh of the day. Thanks to "Anj" for the laugh and to Fr. Z for his insightful and entertaining blog.
I now have ammunitation to persuade my wife to turn up the temperature control on the air-conditioning. She has it stubbornly set at 72 degrees F. Every time I sneek it up to 74, somehow she knows. Now, I can say: Stay! The pope has declared in his Encyclical that use of the air conditioner is a act of violence against our sister/mother the earth. Don’t you think we should nudge that thermostat up to 75? Maybe even 78? Otherwise, the next confession is going to have to add irresponsible air conditioning use to the list.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well ... I can relate to this scenario, that is the battle of the thermostat. After reading this posting, a thought came to mind that this is a 'gender' issue! My dearest father needs the temperature around 75 - 80 in the house. My mother needs to leave the house to cool off. When we visit we have agreed to comprise at 70 during the night's sleep. I need temperatures around 65 - 70, preferably around 65 in order to not have nose bleeds and feel sluggish all day. All female members concur to this need. We have speculated on the 'whys' ... We are doing a lot more physical work during the day - cleaning, cooking (oven & cooktop), and other 'to-do' list of stuff. We are generating more internal heat ... and for those going through menopause ... well, what can I say!

So you see it is a 'gender' issue ... and the good Pope, well ... he is a guy.