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Friday, June 5, 2015

Transgenderism: The Dark Underbelly of the Beast

Bruce Jenner's story has put transgenderism in the spotlight. And all the usual media cheerleaders are slapping "her" on the back for "her" courage. But the fact is that sexual reassignment is impossible. People are what they are made by God -- "male and female he created them."

While many have jumped on the transgender bandwagon out of false compassion, the truth is that, like an iceberg that looks relatively benign on the surface but hides underneath its deadly bulk, transgenderism is a disaster -- both to the individual and to society.

Read this article and pay particular attention to the so-called scientists who took their perverted theory and thrust it on others.

The Dark, Untold Story of Transgenderism

The tragic story of Dr. John Money's experiment with a little boy whose genitals were severely damaged in a circumcision gone wrong was unethical and an extreme example of medical malpractice. Money convinced the parents to allow reassignment surgery on the little boy who had a twin brother. Money had the twins engage in sex play in his office during interviews while he took poloroids. Like his mentor, Alfred Kinsey, he was a sick man.

See the documentary on David Reimer below. It's heartrending and reveals just how evil  Money's experiment was. Pray for the repose of the souls of David and his brother. What Dr.Money did to those two children and their family was so incredibly evil it's almost unbelievable. And even when it was clear that his experiment was a disastrous failure, he continued to pretend it was a success and lied about it.

No doubt we can expect a movie glorifying Money in the future like the sick film about his teacher, Alfred Kinsey.Money should be stripped of every degree and honor he ever received in the course of his career!

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The Tragedy Of The Work Of Prominent Psychologist And Sexologist Dr. John Money, Ph.D., Of Johns Hopkins University

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