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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Strange Animals and Strange Behavior!

My husband and I went to the Pittsburgh zoo yesterday with our daughter and four granddaughters. It's a lovely facility and we enjoyed every minute.

God certainly made some beautiful, strange, and exotic animals. I like to think of him pondering what to put on the planet on those days of creation.and saying to himself, "Now what would delight and spark the imagination of mankind?

Here are some of the sights that delighted me:

I don't know if this particular catfish is edible, but he sure is a strange looking creature.

The bear was hilarious. He kept walking out of his den and backing into it in almost a dance step -- sort of like moonwalking. I thought he was illustrating the coke commercial.

The hornbill buzzed one of my granddaughter giving her a start and all of us a laugh. And what raucous bird he is!

The kangaroo momma had one little joey and two adopted older siblings. One kept going over to nurse and Momma cooperated even though he was almost as big as she was.

The kids mistook the meerkat for a prairie dog, but he has his own distinctive look and is obviously proud of it. Considering he was behind glass I thought this picture turned out pretty well.

the flamingos were more orange than pink. There are only six species in the world. I think this is the American flamingo because it has a light beak with a black tip.

One of my favorite and funniest animals is the ring-tailed lemur. There were lemurs on the log, lemurs leaping in the trees, lemurs grooming each other. It was a lemur convention.

But the critters at the zoo in terms of their odd behavior have nothing on the human species. 

Pray all the folks out there who turn their "gender identity confusion" into a way of life. Johns Hopkins psychiatrist, Dr. Paul McHugh speaks the truth when he says, sex change is "biologically impossible" and transgender is a "mental disorder." It's refreshing to hear some common sense truth out of a psychiatrist these days. Many seem to be cut out of the Alfred Kinsey perversion mold.