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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Virginia Bishops Respond to SCOTUS Decision

Virginia bishops release statement on yesterday's SCOTUS decision


Anonymous said...

Once again the highest court in the land has blown it. Both Kagan and Ginsberg have officiated at "gay" marriages and should have recused themselves.

Lourdesman said...

Why worry about the splinters in the eyes of our obvious enemies? Worry instead about the plank in your own that is your repeated mockery of the One Holy Eucharist instituted by Our Lord. All of us who ever attended Montini's Mock-mass will have to justify our attendance at it when we go to our particular judgement. Worse still, the same Montini men cannot absolve us from our sins. You see, the new order priesthood can lead us into sin but cannot lead us out of it. If you do not know what the new order is then check the back of your occult American Dollar. Before Our Lord took away his one Holy Visible Priesthood he gave us a unique example in Padre Pio. There are no more Padre Pio's, priests according to Our Lord's one Holy Order of Melchisedech. You cannot change the greatest thing this side of heaven beyond recognition and maintain that it is still the same. The heretic who did so had not power or authority to do so and is in hell forever being guilty of worse sins than Luther and Judas Iscariot.

The history of the world since 1858 is the history of Catholic elimination. And as Pope Pius IX warned us that continual worldwide war "is against the very root". Rid the world of the true Catholic Priesthood, substitute a new one and Belial's your uncle. Frightening beyond belief.

Faithless, slothful "catholics" can be united with Belial but no earthly power can unite Jesus Christ with Belial and his false religons, his "great work", as that Antipope Paul VI described it at the United Nations headquarters after he had handed over the Papal Tiara. Do not criticise the United Nations. Your "pope" told them "you are doing a great work". The amazing Cathedral of Milan is a Unesco World Heritage Site where all sorts of anti-Catholics can walk around admiring the place, including as I saw with my own eyes anti-Catholics dressed in Burkhas. At the same time Montini's mock mass was being celebrated over in a corner. I got out fast and should not have gone there in the first place. You never know when God the Father's lightening may strike. There is a limit to the number of all types of sin.

No doubt this will not have the slightest effect and you will continue to engage in the homosexual-inspired happy clappy unholy "mass".

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's interesting to me that you doubt the authority of recent popes, but not your own authority to judge that the seat of Peter is empty and everyone who attends the novus ordo is going to hell.

I posted your comment for one reason only -- to tell you that I will not post ANY of your comments in the future. I will not provide a platform for sedevacantists.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

What your bishops said is an improvement over the ADW statement.