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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Ukraine War is a Scam and a Stupid and Dangerous Scam as Well!

Cui Bono?

Who benefits from beating the war drums? 

The reality is that Russia has won the war in Ukraine. Whether you hate Putin or not, the Ukraine is done. Russia has won. The only result of continuing the war is to pound the Ukrainian people into the dust and impoverish the people of the countries pouring money into the war effort. So why are political leaders not encouraging Zelensky and company to sue for peace? 


It's the same answer as always. 


War makes people rich. Not only that, but Biden has close connections to Ukraine and the lining of his own family's pockets. The war effort continues that connection.

While we impoverish our own people by transferring billions of dollars to Ukraine, we are also increasing the likelihood of nuclear war. Meanwhile, the Biden administration's on-going attack on fossil fuels and shutting down oil production here in the U.S. while banning Russian oil imports is having little or no impact on the Russian economy. Everything the administration does hurts the middle class and poor in the U.S. There's little evidence it's hurting Russia. Exactly how does our involvement benefit us?

How will people here like paying $10.00 a dozen eggs and other staples -- if we can get them at all? 

Check out this article [Why the Ukraine War is a Scam]. Here's a bit:

The fact that Western supporters of Ukraine have not yet stepped up to help Ukraine negotiate a peace deal is instructive in and of itself. What could that mean? Well, for starters, it's an ominous indication that it's all about greasing the wheels of war.

Time and again, the U.S. has entered into intentionally unwinnable conflicts that have but one real purpose: To funnel taxpayer dollars into the private military industrial complex. Almost all of the $40 billion "Ukraine aid" package, for example, went straight to weapons manufacturers.10

It can be tempting to jump on the "support Ukraine" bandwagon, but it would be far more useful to try to really understand the deeper forces at play. More often than not, war is about keeping the weapons industry flush with cash.11

In the final analysis, that's typically what decades-long, drawn-out unwinnable conflicts are all about,

Watch the accompanying videos. One that includes a 2016 prediction by professor and political analyst, John Mearsheimer, warning that the situation in Ukraine posed a serious risk because of our likelihood of involvement. Mearsheimer gave a powerful talk in June about the Ukraine situation and the disastrous consequences of U.S. involvement. It's a must read for anyone who wants to understand and "assess the responsibility of the West for this colossal disaster."

"Stupid is as stupid does!" as Forest Gump said.

 It's also instructive to read the footnoted articles from the Scam piece. Here are a few:

The defense industry will profit from war in Ukraine—with your money

Russia Nearly Doubled Its Income From Energy Sales To The EU During Wartime, Study Shows

Bankers like Goldman Sachs also profit from the war

We need out of Ukraine before we end up in WW III. 

1 comment:

c matt said...

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see the Ukraine war for the scam it is. Like it or not, Russia also had legitimate concerns (precipitated by the US's reckless foreign policy). We would not stand for Russian missiles in Cuba, what makes the US gov't think Russia would stand for the same in the Ukraine (which is the ultimate goal)? What was that map going around the internet of Russia surrounded by US military bases in neighboring countries with the caption "Why did Russia put its country in the middle of our military bases?"

I try to explain to others, but they just don't seem to get it: Imagine Texas broke away from the US, Russia engineers a coup and replaces the elected president of Texas in Austin with a 3rd rate actor who is Russia's puppet, for 8 years he bombs areas of East Texas full of former Americans who want to be under US protection, and then Russia threatens to build bases in Texas, sends money and weapons to Texas to support its battle with the US, etc. etc. That would start to give Americans an idea of Russia's perspective.

But Biden's got to keep getting his 10% cut of grift.