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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Tinker Bell - The Founder of Liberalism

Woodstock in Never Never Land

If this article were titled, “The Intellectual Benefits of Liberalism” the following page would be blank because only those living on the “Mainland” of reality, seeing through the light of Truth, understand that the message of nothingness in reference to denial of God and the Truth is the foundation of liberalism like so much pixie dust sprinkled in the mind by that malicious liberal fairy, Tinker Bell.

With that said, our story begins: Once upon a time liberals assumed that the origin of their error originated from Locke, Hobbes, Voltaire, Marx and Engles or Lenin but in reality it was invented by Tinker Bell. When parents read J.M. Barrie’s fantasy novel Peter Pan and Wendy to them as malleable children, Tinker Bell’s personality (ill-tempered), freedom of flight (neglect of reality), charm (spoiled), and temperament (vindictive and jealous) were deeply absorbed into their psyches until they, unlike Peter Pan, grew up and became woke liberals. Instead of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, woke liberals are the 2nd Lost Generation living in a magical fantasy world of their own personal make-believe island (their world view) of Never Never Land.

In Barrie's book, the name for the real world is “Mainland" which suggests that Neverland is offshore, that is, a faraway place to live in a fantasy world offshore of reality – sometimes quite far offshore where the mind lives and operates miles away from God.

Chapter One: The weird fantasy world of 58-year-old Canadian mechanic Paul Wolscht is an example of a real sort of transsexual transvestite transgender Peter Pan refusing to grow up (eternal childhood and childishness, immortality and escapism). Once Paul Wolscht had a wife and seven children - therefore Paul was not “born that way" but then he fantasized and subsequently transitioned into Stefonknee Wolscht, a six-year-old girl in frilly dresses and bangs who lives with adoptive parents and spends time coloring and playing with their grandchildren.

Even in frilly dresses Stefonknee (pronounced Stephanie) doesn’t look like a six-year-old girl. She's heavy-set, about six-feet tall and has a deep voice. But she likes coloring and playing dolls with other children.

Stefonknee explains, “I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now. I have a mommy and a daddy - an adopted mommy and daddy - who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children and their grandchildren are totally supportive.”

Paul wants to escape the pressure of adult responsibilities: “It’s liberated me from the hurt. Because if I’m six years old, I don’t have to think about adult stuff (like being a husband and father). I still drink coffee and drive a car and even my tractor, but I drive the tractor as a little kid. In (the bizarre fantasy of) my mind, I’m a little girl. I was never allowed to be a little girl, so I’m filling that tank of little girl experiences.

“I have access to really pretty clothes and I don’t have to act my age. By not acting my age I don’t have to deal with the reality that was my past because it hurt. I have a whole bunch of friends who want to play. You just de-stress. Some people turn to drugs, to different kinds of fetishes or medication or therapy, but for us we just let it go and stop thinking about big-people stuff”.

Chapter Two: About a year ago Hollywood buzzed with the upcoming adoption of a baby by Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner. A transgender woman adopting a baby would be a moral crime against an innocent child. From his voluptuous hips to his high pink cheekbones, Bruce Jenner is glorified as a woman which is pathetically comical considering that below Caitlyn's narrow feminine waistline linger his intact male genitals. It's also demonstrative of the fact that no one knows what a real woman is anymore.

Caitlyn, Bruce’s girl name, shocked people when he announced he was planning to adopt a child but says he's perfectly secure whether single or not” (most definitely financially secure from millions the transgender lobby paid him). “He does miss raising kids and says he has so much love to give.”

Caitlyn’s consulting experts say, “Ideally Caitlyn would find a baby (note that he has to “find” a baby since obviously, with no womb, Bruce, unlike a real woman, cannot conceive.) here in the States, but he’s not opposed to adopting from overseas. (S)he’s aware it could take some time, but (s)he definitely wants to be a mom."

In the mystical magical world of his Neverland mindset, Caitlyn is a little girl like Stefonknee Wolscht playing with dollies except Caitlyn’s doll would be a living human child to be raised in a false fantasy Neverland. 

In his book,
Reflections on Augustine’s Search for God, Father Donald X. Burt, O.S.A., explains: 

The darkness of absence (the nothingness that comes from the denial of God and Truth) is a terrible event in anyone’s life but it is not as hazardous to our spiritual health as the darkness of presence, the darkness of a life lived by false light.

Such a condition is like living a life of fantasy in the comforting half-light of a movie theatre. The blazing light of reality in broad daylight is too much. We scream in agony, cover our eyes and rush back into the comforting darkness inside. Rejoicing in the dim light bathing our dull life, we wish for nothing further.”

Error can never count as knowledge. Denial of “that which is” can only be described as “error”, not knowledge (Augustine, Soliloquies, 2.15.29). Fr Burt says, “Certainly that most perfect form of knowledge, wisdom, cannot rest on an erroneous idea of what the world is truly like. If I claim to ‘know’ that I am all-perfect, that indeed I am God (or Stefonknee or Caitlyn, or a man “married” to another man, or a woman “married” to another woman)I cannot be called wise. Indeed, I am insane.” We are made with a desire to find and face the truth, not live in a fantasy world or the spirit of the secular world with no God to guide us.

Fairies have very short lives so at the end of Peter Pan Tinker Bell dies in the year after Wendy and her brothers leave Neverland, and Peter Pan has no memories of her. Likewise, perhaps in time, liberalism and will die as people find and follow God and the Truth, leaving behind their world of mind boggling fantasies, and we will have no memories of them. Then we will live happily ever after.

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newguy40 said...

Interesting read.

Couple thougths from me. Liberalism with those examples from this story will always be with us. Why? Cuz they come from Satan. Satan sez, be free. There is not God, there is no hell. Do as thou wilt, right?

Before the internet, we'd never hear of these crazies. If their craziness was private, we'd not know about it. I will mention one other thing. I have a co-worker whose wife posts porn pics of herself. He told me that she is just looking for some attention and validation that she is still attractive to men. As I've said, I'm 62 and why I needed to know this I'm not sure. Maybe cuz he knows I'm Catholic. The point is that the internet just makes sin easier.
Without the internet this lady is just another lonely frustrated person looking for some attention. I think there is alot of this going on.