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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Almsgiving with a Clear Conscience: Don't Give to CCHD and Other Judas Catholic Groups!

I occasionally get asked what charities are safe to donate to. I have a few favorites of my own with Aid to the Church in Need, the Poor Clares, and the Little Sisters of the Poor among them. We also support a number of pro-life groups. Sad to say, many of the Catholic groups are among the most egregious when it comes to supporting intrinsic moral evils like abortion and contraception. The Lepanto Institute has a great webpage with reports on various charities both secular and religious. Their reporting on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services exposes their deep connection to abortion, contraception, and sodomy. Catholic Judas groups often support organizations that help defeat pro-life politicians and elect radical leftists. And they use money from the people in the pews to do it who erroneously believe their hard-earned money is helping the poor and downtrodden. 

Be careful where you donate your money. We are all called to give alms. Let's not give alms to the baby-killers facilitated by a Church bureaucracy gone bad! The Lepanto Institute has a list of safe/unsafe charities both religious and secular. Check it out here.

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Dad29 said...

We're comfortable with the local St Vincent dePaul Society. They allow you to designate your donation either to their food-relief or to their general-relief (cash assistance) fund.

It's person-to-person with St Vincent' "causes" are in the mix, locally.