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Friday, July 15, 2022

Which Comes First? A Crumbling Church or Crumbling Christendom?


One place on the planet to get the TRUTH in fair and unbiased news from brilliant political analysists who also are good men is THE DURAN with Alex Christoforou based in Athens, Greece, and Alexander Mercouris in London. 

If you want peace of mind about world events, stop listening to CNN and the rest of the arrogant Western media outlets financed by the deep state who, as designed, lead people into error cheering for evil such as Go Ukraine Nazis! 

I listen to Alex and Alexander dissecting world events, then sleep peacefully. On Sunday I go to the SSPX for spiritual peace. There's no need to be distraught and always on edge. Take control of your life!

Other good independent news channels are iEarlGrey (English ExPat living in Saint Petersburg, Russia), The New Atlas based in Bangkok, Thailand) and several others but Alex and Alexander are my personal favorites. Their goodness and sense of humor (Alex with his Clown Worlds) and their innate humility, not to mention brilliance, are what make them worthy of our trust. In addition, reading news from a Russian point of view (don't even start with me) clears our mind of Western deep state owned media fantasies.

Here's an example of the West's current fantasy: When their various think-tank dim lightbulbs went on, in unison they cried: I know! Let's put oil and gas sanctions on Russia! Putin will crumble then we'll get regime change in Moscow led by a puppet we place there! The Russian people will be our serfs and all Russia's oil and gas will be ours for FREE! 

However, as often happens in real life, it turned out that the US and Europe's sanctions on Russia - they did this to themselves - now spells certain doom for America and Europe because as the West collapses from their own decisions, the East rises. 

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt have applied to join Russian-led BRICS. They sense the world is moving East. They sense the East is where the future lies because - seeing facts, not pipe dreams in the sky - Christendom, led by green elite Marxists, mainly homosexuals and women, is thoroughly corrupt and basically done. Crumbling. Soon to be relegated to third-world status while former third-world countries, tired of being bossed around by the liberal West, zoom to the top with Russia's Fair World order of BRICS.

It seems to me that the United States will become a backwater country due to decisions by the deep state (Obama, Soros and Clinton as puppet masters of the Democrat Party and Biden), along with the countries of dying Christendom because let's face it: The West is now as weak and corrupt as the Catholic Church that founded it now is. The two go hand in hand. The old saying says As the Church goes, so goes the world but now the meaning is As the Church goes, so goes Christendom with Bergoglio merely being one more corrupt Marxist killing off God. 

Current results of the ideological sanctions fantasy are that we must sacrifice our way of life to prop up Ukraine giving Zelensky 9 BILLION PER MONTH to keep Ukraine afloat and pay the puppet Zelensky and his regime ministers' salaries. 

Then there's the 650 BILLION in aid to the corrupt IMF made up of globalists, bankers and criminals (650 billion right in their pockets) to help low-income countries deal with the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine war and help them respond to crises they face of food shortages and rising energy prices. 

That money comes from Americans taxed to the hilt. What about using that money for US citizens? I can't even pay the hefty rise in the cost of my current electric bill. It just went up 30%.


  1. Add to all this, the increasing likelihood of World War III because of our evil government hawks and a military/industrial complex that rakes in money hand over fist in wartime. Pat Buchanan, a real statesman, has a terrific article showing how the U.S. and western countries are making war with Russia inevitable. Most of the young people joining protests against use of fossil fuels have no idea what they are doing. And all the cavalier politicians who keep talking about pouring money into Ukraine "as long as it takes" are likely to kill millions of Americans with their loose lips and stupid, deadly policies. Pray the rosary. But one disagreement -- The Church is indefectible. She can never be corrupt. The corruption is in the evil men (and increasingly women) who are running the stinking Vatican bureaucracy.

  2. Susan, you owe an apology to the approx. 3 percent of the bishops who are good! The other 97 percent make them look bad!Pope? What pope? Laity? Maybe 7 percent accept ALL faith and morals teachings!