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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Is there no limit on the injustice bishops are willing to inflict on faithful Catholics?

San Antonio archbishop cancels Catholic family business

The video contains shocking stories. If you watch only one part, look at the treatment of Deacon Gene and his wife beginning around minute 35. It's horrifying what they were put through. Money was apparently more important to the diocese than protecting a victim of sexual harassment. So much for all the lip service!

If I lived in the Diocese of San Antonio this is what I would do. I would write a letter to my pastor with a copy to the bishop saying that, until the ban on the retreat center was lifted, my weekly offering would go to the retreat center. I would urge others to do the same. I would also get a group of like-minded friends together to have a "retreat" at the ranch. We went to a family retreat every year for about twenty years. Why not plan one there? I have friends who go on scrapbooking and quilting weekends. Why not plan one there? How about a banquet there or a wedding reception? If many people became "promoters" many who did't know about the facility could learn about it. If you don't live in or near San Antonio you can still support this persecuted family by going here. May God bring justice for this family and all Catholics being persecuted by their pastors and bishops.


  1. I watched entire Lifesite video. Every minute of it was heartbreaking and inspiring.
    I don't understand. I can't grasp WHY a priest who can say mass and give the Eucharist, isn't allowed to hear confessions.
    That may be what diocese is telling people, but it is not rational!
    It is a giant LIE is what it is and a lot of people have fallen for it!
    A validly ordained priest can and should administer all rites and Sacraments and those kept from doing so are evil doers. Evil doers hell bent on destroying the Church.
    We must resist!

  2. Meant to say those keeping priests from giving Sacraments are the evil doers.

  3. I didn't watch this video but I looked up on the internet and if you are talking about the "Sanctus Ranch," you should research what the diocese says:
    2.7.24 “An altar in a Roman Catholic Church is not just a thing. It’s not just a dining room table. It’s a sacred place,” Keeler said. “This is operating as a church. Anything that operates or functions as a church is to be blessed, and it’s always with the permission of the bishop.”

    "At the chapel, two priests are celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation, or confession “without the necessary canonical faculties,” he said.

    "Both the Rev. Donald Kloster of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the Rev. Jeffery Fasching of the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, have been disciplined by the diocesan bishops in those cities, according to the archbishop’s decree.

    "In addition, the Sevignys are operating a school, Lumen Christi Academy, they represent as Catholic although it has not been approved as such by the archdiocese. The school’s website describes it as “whole person classical education that is unapologetically Catholic.”"

    Fasching may well need such vetting, seems removed from a parish in Kansas, took a lay job as a caseworker and then started offering trad mass at St. Agnes Cathedral in Springfield Cape Cape Girardeau diocese where his parents reside and serving as hospital chaplain (as if some reason should not be around youth). He was featured by CM in 2016 and then as a cancelled priest "ousted from his parish for so-called offenses including "glaring" at his flock, "pounding the pulpit" and criticizing corrupt bishops."
    Father Jeff Fasching was removed from his ministry due to complaints made by a few of his parishioners, never being told who was complaining or what they were complaining about.
    Leave of Absence - The Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching has requested a Leave of Absence from active priestly ministry. This request has been granted for an indefinite period of time, effective May 4, 2004. Father Fasching will no longer function as a priest or present himself as such. By Order of Rev. Msgr. Robert Hemberger, Diocesan Administrator, Witnessed by Rev. Paul C. Coakley, Vice Chancellor
    Fr. Jeffery Fasching taking over in 2010. Over the last six years something amazing has happened to St. Agnes Cathedral. Young people are returning to the Catholic Church,

    1. Archbishop and Bishop said Mass there. Canon law allows non dedicated altars. One priest has habitual facilities, the other does not hear confessions. And has not. A third priest has all faculties but has been threatened if he does not quit his job teaching at the school. The school is not billed as a Catholic school. It is a micro School, a group of families who operate their own little classical school. The priest who is threatened had his livelihood removed and his retirement removed for no reason. He was just told to retire. It is thought that since he had a family he was considered too expensive. Never in any trouble at all. Archbishop in this case has stated some things that are not true, has exceeded authority, and has operated without investigation or trial or any kind of procedure.

    2. I notice you don't give any specifics. What specifically did the bishop say that isn't true? Who is priest one, two and three? Who are the bishops that said mass there? If the arch/bishop(s) of the diocese said mass there and the diocese is now breaking contracts with this organization there must be some reason that can stand up in a court of law. The news account I read specifically mentions by name two priests that have been "disciplined" by their dioceses: Fasching and Kloster. The priest you appear to be talking about is as you imply a married episcopalian convert priest. The account doesn't mention his name but lists the cause for his removal: "Kloster and another Catholic priest, listed as faculty, also taught at The Atonement Catholic Academy in far Northwest San Antonio, according to the website. In 2017, García-Siller removed the priest in that church over concerns about its Anglican practices."

      His bio is here:
      The account specifically states: "The priests who teach at the Lumen Christi Academy, a school for grades 6-12, and other individuals are not certified as safe through the archdiocese’s required program that addresses sexual harassment and protecting children and vulnerable adults."

      It could be it is this school that has caused the diocese to have to break contact with this organization even though you believe it is very small etc. It is still a school and not a 'retreat center' for ADULTS (presumably). But MAK is saying bring the 'family' of children/youths to the retreat center.

    3. Did you watch the video, Anonymous? Listen to the interviews with the three priests. I'll just mention one untruth --that Fr. Kloster was hearing confessions without faculties. He told John Henry Westen he hadn't heard a confession in eleven months. But there are other slanders as well and I hope the diocese faces a lawsuit for what they've done to that family! As for the safe-touch programs, they are a joke. They were put in place to protect the bishops and their money, not to protect the children. The bishops put the onus on pastors and volunteers while exempting themselves. VIRTUS, the "cadillac" of the programs, is all about making money for the bishop-owners. I've written about it and so has Chris Manion.

    4. The article I read states that "At the chapel, two priests are celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation, or confession “without the necessary canonical faculties,” he said." What does Fr. Kloster say about the other priest? Usually Catholic retreats include confession as a matter of course (not sure about 'spiritual' retreats (?)). Why should I (or you) believe Kloster over the bishop? Has the bishop been operating out of five dioceses and four countries in 28 years? Has the bishop ever been asked to leave a parish/diocese? How many parishes/dioceses has Kloster been asked to leave? I am mainly speaking of background checks. Confidence artists/psychos/sex predators are very convincing liars and lie without any qualms. Like any other employer/service, this ranch/school/underground church/retreat center better do its due diligence. Kloster has been there eleven months - how many months did he last in the other places?

    5. This ranch has differently right on the web: "Join Fr. Donald Kloster August 24 - 27 for a Spiritual Retreat! This 4 day spiritual retreat will be held at Sanctus Ranch Retreat Center. Enjoy mass (including Sunday), 5 talks, reflection time, confession and spiritual direction. " [now maybe confession is offered by a different priest when you get there but only kloster is mentioned.] Whiskey! Cigars! AND Jesus!

    6. If you watch the video, which you apparently haven't, one of the three priests interviewed states that he has faculties to hear confessions. Perhaps you should follow the admonition of St. Francis de Sales and put the best construction on other people's actions and the worst on your own. Your continuous attack on the ranch makes me suspect your "anonymous" status hides a chancery bureaucrat.

  4. Donald Kloster may also need vetting - quite a here-there-and-everywhere career:

    Fr. Donald L. Kloster is a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut for 22 years. He was ordained in 1995 at St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport by the then Bishop Egan. Fr. Kloster has served nearly 7 years (2011-2018) as the pastor of 32,000 souls in the poorer parish of Maria Inmaculada Eucarisitica in the Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador. He also served as a VA chaplain for 8 years (2003-2011) in San Antonio, Texas. He is a graduate of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Philadelphia, having completed his Master’s Thesis in Moral Theology. A native of Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas (Austin), Fr. Kloster also spent two years as a student (and then novice) at the 7th century Benedictine Abbey of Disentis, Switzerland.

    1. Everything you've written here gives testimony to a faithful priest.

  5. Even his bio as the principal of this school at what you call a retreat center would raise questions: "To date, Fr. Kloster has served as a priest in 5 different Dioceses and has lived in 4 countries total.... has had 29 young men and women in spiritual direction discerning a vocation; all but 1 were attached to the TLM...Throughout his (28 years) priesthood Fr. Kloster has been a teacher. He taught religion in two Catholic schools; at Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio for 2 years and St. Mary’s in Norwalk for 2 years."

  6. I will stand by the canceled priests and believe them over liberal diocese propaganda. The same kind of wicked propaganda that has tried to tarnish the reputation and success of Archbishop Lefebvre.

  7. I used to attend Fr. Kloster's Mass when I visited San Antonio when I had family there. I also have known Fr. Hunt. Did they rape nuns or abuse children or be caught on sodomite sites like some who are protected? NO! Their 'crime;" they are faithful and holy priests. In the English revolt, they would hang, draw, and quarter holy men for the 'crime' of being a Catholic priest, so far our holy ones are only 'cancelled' and left without income, insurance, retirement, etc. So far.

  8. I agree. These canceled priests have never been accused of any immoral behavior.

    I think before anyone else leaps to assume they have done something wrong, they need to watch the ENTIRE Lifesite video. All the interviews. All the footage of the retreat center property. And consider the fact John Henry Westin is not a fool. I trust his judgment. He would not have gone there to speak to these people if they were a bunch of renegades out to create their own church.
    There are private chapels all over the world and I feel certain this kind of action taken against faithful Catholics will do nothing but generate the building of many many more of them in the very near future. Traditional Catholics will not back down and they will not be silent. They will not give in and they will not cease to pursue the TLM and a place to pray absent of liberal filth and corruption.

  9. You may stand by whom you wish and trust whom you wish. Many people trusted Voris and were outraged when the bishop had him remove "catholic" from his "apostolate." The bishop has to worry about being sued for millions. At this school there is another priest on the faculty who wasn't named by the bishop as having been disciplined. This priest started out as an Episcopalian and is married w/children and has relations w/The Atonement Academy where Kloster taught which is also of Anglican/ Episcopalian origin and mentioned in the Bishop's press release why a priest was removed from there: "Kloster and another Catholic priest, listed as faculty, also taught at The Atonement Catholic Academy in far Northwest San Antonio, according to the website. In 2017, García-Siller removed the priest in that church over concerns about its Anglican practices.

    "The priests who teach at the Lumen Christi Academy, a school for grades 6-12, and other individuals are not certified as safe through the archdiocese’s required program that addresses sexual harassment and protecting children and vulnerable adults."

    Many people calling themselves "traditional catholics" are really Anglicans at heart and would be very happy to have a church under their own control with a hired priest totally dependent on them. That is not Catholicism traditional or otherwise, but protestantism. Henry Westen and all those who belong to Opus Dei/serve in Opus Dei "apostolates" could be trying to break up the Catholic Church and build national churches, like the Anglican/Greek/Russian Orthodox.

    I was surprised to read this in the accompanying article, "Since COVID, over 50 centers around the United States have had private chapels set up where the faithful have access to the Traditional Latin Mass in an unofficial capacity. They are permitted to do so under canon law and the tradition of the Church for millennia. However, the pushback against the underground Church has only begun as bishops steeped in debt from sexual abuse payouts"
    SSPX that has been running traditional mass centers since the 1970s with priests ordained and trained in traditional Catholicism (or even FSSP, ICK and there are others set up by JP2) and publicly lists their locations is not mentioned by LSN. What is this underground church where faithful have access to TLMs offered by "disciplined" NO diocesan priests (that church has had to pay out millions for); who is running/controlling it? Why doesn't LSN share these 'underground' locations? Is this really permitted by Canon Law? Is LSN vetting these priests? Do we sue them or Opus Dei when our children are molested--no, Opus Dei is a lay apostolate and you can't sue Opus Dei for anything.

    1. But Novus Ordo was designed by a group of protestants!

  10. Completely unsurprising--the archbishop hates anything that doesn't fit his charismatic Spanglish model of Catholicism or the prevailing suburban version of the Novus Ordo (i.e., as long as it looks Protestant or like the 1970s). He has run off priests attached to the TLM, and for quite some time there has only been one approved TLM in the whole archdiocese (even in the Summorum Pontificum years), and only on Saturdays and Sundays, and maybe first Fridays). Our Lady of the Atonement was very fortunate in escaping to the Ordinariate when they did. That, frankly, is the only parish in San Antonio I can recommend other than the TLM community, and it's not even "in" the archdiocese!

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    I am sad for your sake to hear you go on and on and on and on bashing the reputations of people you do not know and have very little information about. You are leaping to the worst conclusions about a lot of people who are trying to live out their lives as faithful Catholics.

    I suspect you think you are very clever in "digging up dirt" on the people at Sanctus Retreat Center. Regretfully, I also think you enjoy seeing the lives and the livelihood of traditional Catholics attacked.
    If you want to do some research, I suggest you get out a good catechism and study the 8th Commandment.
    "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."
    This commandment includes more than simply lying about someone. It also includes defamation, calumny, slander, and detraction. Think long and hard on that before you sling any more stones.

    The "training" you mention these employees lack for working with youth is a complete joke and a total waste of time. I've done that "training" and it is nothing more than sitting through a dumb movie about the MO of child predators. How that would have any influence or affect on the behavior of a school employee or volunteer is beyond me. The "training" required of all implies there "could be" something wrong with all of us, and we could endanger kids if we don't get "trained." I reject that notion! As a mother and a grandmother, I think it is insulting to insist that I can't volunteer in a lunch room or school library until I've watched some movie about creeps and criminals.

  12. This is all you need to know about the bad bishop of San Antonio. He went out of his way to give sacrilegious communion to enemy of the faith, Joe Biden. If that isn't a public scandal and mortally sinful, I don't know what is! Pray for the bishop and for those he persecutes. He will have a lot to answer for on Judgment Day.