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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sodomy is the New Catholic Marriage

"Yes, Holy Father. I told the holy sodomites, 
Soon, soon...your sin will be ok'd by the Church."
On April 24th Belgian Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Brussels, said, "The Church must respect homosexuals and lesbians more, also in their experience of sexuality. Twenty years ago I would have spoken differently about it than is the case now. I would then have followed the official teaching of the Church. I now look at it much more 'comprehensively' where respect is central." [He rejects "the official teaching of the Church" in favor of his own personal opinion of respecting sin.]
He went on to say that an ecclesiastical prayer from the Catholic Church is possible for a sodomite relationship between two men or two women as long as it does not start to look like an ecclesiastical marriage between one man and one woman. 
Cardinal De Kesel has no bias against sodomy, as long as between the sodomites "there exists honesty and steadfastness and loyalty." [I know. It's hard not to laugh, isn't it, because everyone, including sodomites, knows that sodomy does not live in the light of honesty, steadfastness and loyalty.]

He proposed the possibility of offering a formal celebration for sodomite unions, saying, "Blessing is perhaps not the right word, because it is too similar to the blessing of a marriage; I would rather speak of a celebration of thanksgiving or a prayer celebration."

Let's think about this. Sodomy? Hmmm. Yep, it's a sin, so let us celebrate it? Yay? Hooray? Give a prayer of thanksgiving to God for it? Lord, we give thanks for homosexuality, sodomy and lesbianism?

is the image and likeness of Satan, therefore Cardinal De Kesel is celebrating a union made in hell with the two sodomites made in the image and likeness of thdevil... opposed to man/woman/child - the FAMILY - made in the image and likeness of God. That is, in our physical body the image and likeness of God is not in one person alone, but man/woman/child - the FAMILY.

Wrong religion gays. Mateen was Islamic.
That means he was not a Catholic.
He was a Muslim.
Conversely, the image and likeness of the devil is man/man or woman/woman with no procreative possibility. Sodomy. Homosexuality. Lesbianism. Anal sex. Lust.
Next will the cardinal want to bless the upcoming union of transgender Caitlyn Jenner and his transgender girlfriend? The opportunity is ripe for Cardinal De Kesel to make more outrageous statements, for this would be a union of two men who changed their sex to become two women in order to get married to have sex with each other - two men.

I fear the cardinal mistakes lust for love. Evil for good. Lies for truth. Men for women and women for men. Wickedness for goodness. His own personal opinion for God's truth.

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