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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Unmasking the False Shepherds: Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Maradiaga, Marxist defender
of the indefensible.
Nabi pointed out earlier today how the false shepherds ravage the flock. He's unmasked some of them in the diocese of Wheeling and Charleston.

But a host of these evil men have wormed their way into the bowels of the Vatican like parasites who suck the life out of their hosts. And that's what they are attempting to do to Holy Mother Church.

We'll look at some of them over the next few weeks. Pray for the Lord to deal with them in the way they deserve and to bring us true shepherds after His own heart to feed the flock.

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga: 

One of my favorite journalists, Ed Pentin, broke the story of Maradiaga who admonished fifty seminarians for a letter exposing the horrific situation at the Honduran seminary where over half the seminarians are allegedly homosexual sharing vile pornography and engaging in other immoral behavior. The cardinal described the courageous young men as "gossipers" who wish to portray their fellow seminarians in a bad light. (As if they needed any help doing that!) According to one of Pentin's sources:
[Maradiaga] looks out for the guilty but doesn’t realize that over half the seminarians are homosexuals,” the source said, adding that some formators recently refused to participate in priestly ordinations because of the candidates’ alleged homosexuality. “The cardinal ordained them himself,” the source said.
Many of the seminarians fear reprisals, certainly not unreasonable in light of the treatment of other "whistleblower" priests and seminarians around the world.

Maradiaga also ran cover for Honduran Auxiliary Bishop Jose Juan Pineda Fasquelle of Tegucigalpa, accused of homosexual relationships and financial scandals. (There it is again -- homosexuality and theft go together like bread and butter!) Pineda had a string of boyfriends and he gave one of them, his first assistant, an apartment. And who do you think paid for that?

Ironically, Maradiaga is Pope Francis' top reform cardinal. REALLY? Well, why be surprised in view of Francis' apparent lack of zeal dealing with the problem. Maradiaga has shown himself, rather than a reformer, to be an enabler who lashed out at journalist Edward Pentin for exposing the truth about his participation in covering up the immorality of his confreres and attacking seminarians exposing a serious problem. It is very telling that he described McCarrick's abuse and Pope Francis' cover up as "of a private order" and an "administrative affair." Soliciting seminarians for sex? Hey, no big deal!

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Terry Nelson said...

Not sure why you bothered to comment on my site but you already deleted me from your links so why you wasting time on my site?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Because I once visited your blog every day, Terry. But after a continuous series of negative posts and comments about people who don't worship at the feet of Pope Francis, I just found it too disturbing.

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