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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Passion Begins.... For the Underground Church in China

Bishop Guo of the underground church
allegedly refused to concelebrate Easter Mass
with excommunicated bishop.
Bishop Guo, underground bishop of Mindong, was arrested yesterday along with his diocesan chancellor. It seems appropriate that this terrible situation is taking place during passion week! 

What is especially tragic, however, is the part the Vatican is playing in the persecution. The headlines below highlight the betrayal of the poor, persecuted Catholics of China who have risked much to continue praying in the underground Church that remained faithful to the Holy See. In today's modern Church, it seem no martyrdom goes unpunished. The real bishops are being asked to step down so government-appointed bishops of the faux Catholic Patriotic Association can take their places. Is Et tu, Brute the proper reaction or Do you betray your master with a kiss? Perhaps both.

Last year Bishop Guo was held for twenty days during holy week and the Easter season, preventing him from participating in the Holy Week and Easter liturgies. It appears he is once again being detained during what for Catholics everywhere is the holiest season of the year. 

Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin had reportedly refused to concelebrate Mass with an excommunicated government-backed bishop.

Mindong, Msgr. Guo Xijin kidnapped by the police before Easter begins...The Vatican's move to allow the Chinese government to appoint the bishops of the Catholic Church (the same government that commits forced abortion and infanticide and persecutes Catholics and other Christians) appears to be ushering in new draconian attacks on the underground bishops. There is little information at present about Bishop Guo's whereabouts or condition. 

Some sources are comparing what's happening to the situation with Cardinal Mindszenty, the Hungarian Cardinal arrested and tortured by the Communists who took over the country in 1948. But today's sellout is much more egregious. Pope Paul VI, who pursued ostpolitik never agreed to allow the Communist government of Hungary to name Catholic bishops. And while he removed Mindszenty from his posts, he did not name a new Cardinal to Hungary while Mindszenty lived. 

A question: Where are all the liberal talking heads who scream about Pius XII being "Hitler's pope"? Is Pope Francis immune from criticism when he becomes essentially "Mao's pope"? Mao may have died in 1976, but his cultural revolution that killed millions continues to influence today's China

Cardinal Joseph Zen, emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong has called what's happening a betrayal saying that the Holy Father is "naive" about the tyrannical government of China. He met with Pope Francis delivering letters from the underground bishops begging for protection for the Catholics of China who have already suffered so much. But it appears those cries will go unheard and the cock will crow on their betrayal.

Pray for our poor brothers and sisters in China practicing the faith in secret.  They cannot speak out. They depend on us to be their voices. Please pray this prayer for their welfare and faithfulness.

Our Lady of Sheshan, please pray for your poor, persecuted children in China.

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