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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here we go again - More products of global warming!

It's snowing again and, although I still find it beautiful, it makes me tired to watch it. My friend Janet at Restore D.C. Catholicism calls snow the "products of global warming." Well, whatever you call it, and I expect there are many in our area using other four-letter words as synonyms, we're getting more than enough. The forecast calls for 10-14 more inches on top of the two feet we had three days ago. We're warming up the tractor but have a slight problem: there's no place left to push it. Makes me wish we had a snowblower. Our driveway is already so narrow the car scrapes the snowbanks on either side in some places. Nevertheless, we'll plow on. I'm going to hate to see the aftermath when all the snow melts. Looking out the side of our house where we have a row of lovely pine trees I can see broken branches galore. But I can also see scores of birds at our feeders thankful for a regular meal. Larry bought two 50 pound bags of birdseed so our little friends won't go hungry as long as we have the stamina to slog out and refill. I may have to resort to tying some tennis rackets to my boots to make the treck though. After this snowfall it will be up to my waist!

I wasn't nervous about the roof until two hangars at Dulles caved in from the weight of the snow. Fortunately all of our rooves (tractor barn, shed, house) are gabled, but I wonder how much weight it would take to do some serious damage. And then there's the potential for ice dams Well, we have no control over the problem since I have no intention of climbing up on the roof, so we'll trust in the Lord's providence and do what we can while not worrying about what we can't.

Pray for all the people around the country who are impacted by weather-related challenges: mudslides in California, snow in the east, heavy rains here and there, frost in Florida on the fruit crop. If you get in a real bind just call the White House. Our daddy-in-chief has promised to take care of you from cradle to grave, so he no doubt will send Rahm over to plow your driveway. Now that I think of it, with over 100,000 federal workers on paid holiday because of the snow, why not issue them all shovels and send them out to do something useful. For many being useful may be a new experience! (As a former useless federal employee I speak from experience.)


Anonymous said...

Global warming can result in extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum. The name is obviously misleading, but just because Sarah Palin says Global Warming is a farce certainly does not mean the science behind it is not real!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Have you heard of Climategate? They falsified data, created ways to get rid of that inconvenient Middle Ages warming period, colluded to prevent scientists who disagree from getting published.

Sarah Palin is hardly the only one calling global warming a farce. The meteorologist who founded the weather channel, John Coleman, calls it the "greatest scam in history." He recently produced a documentary called Global Warming, the Other Side.

Ah, but you probably saw that great Hollywood documentary on global warming, The Day After Tomorrow. LOL!