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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lenten Lunacy - Who thought up this nonsense?

Want to be holy this Lent? In some dioceses the "fasting" recommended is all about reducing your carbon footprint. What a substitute for walking in the footsteps of our Saviour! The "carbon fast" is an example of ecumenical silliness . Two senior bishops in England (Church of England, not Catholic) are sponsoring a carbon fast at Trafalgar Square. In fact, the impetus for this nonsense seems to have originated in the UK from an environmental group called Tearfund. The handout from the Archdiocese of Washington Environmental Outreach Committee says it was "adapted" from Tearfund and other sources.

So how can you become holy this Lent?
  • Replace all your lightbulbs with those newfangled twisty things that leave you in the dark.
  • Skip using your ipod one day.
  • Turn down your thermostat
  • Take a shower instead of a bath. (Hey, just go dirty. That will save even more energy!)
  • Use cold water in your washer and only do full loads
  • view the calendar with more silly suggestions
It goes on and on in like vein. And this kind of fast will make us all saints? Only in the Church of What's Happening Now! Janet, a blogging friend, has done some research on this which you can read about here. This nonsense is more in keeping with the Gospel according to Gaia and illustrates what Chesterton said. When you stop believing in God you don't believe in nothing, you'll fall for anything! Can these folks really believe in the God of the universe when they have reduced him to this silliness?

Remember the song Where are the Clowns? Well now we know -- they're in chanceries all over the country trading the Catholic faith for earth worship. What's especially laughable is that, on top of everything, it's based on pseudo-scientific claptrap! Now I want to know whether Archbishop Wuerl knew about this. It sure makes him look foolish. And I couldn't find anything about it on the website. If it was there and removed when the ridicule started, maybe it's time for the archbishop to eliminate that Environmental Outreach Committee. Why should the people in the pew fund this kind of ridiculous nonsense and why would any bishop want to let them make him look like the ringmaster at a circus? All he needs to do is chnge the cut of his chasuble.


Ray Schneider said...

What is really tragic is that this kind of silliness is starving millions of people through a misplaced emphasis on using edible grains for biofuels.

We are pricing basic food commodities out of the range of the poor and using the food to make relatively inefficient and expensive fuels which damage our engines and can only be competitive with government subsidies (your tax money at work doing something stupid).

Bishop, politicians, scountrels all.

Unknown said...

How many Bishops does it take to unscrew a light bulb for Lent?