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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Partnership Made in Hell!

If you take money and other goodies from demons, they always want something in return. Rumpelstiltskin demanded the firstborn child of the miller's daughter for spinning straw into gold. Mephistopheles demanded Faust's soul in exchange for knowledge. Which leads me to a question about pro-abortion foundations pumping money into Catholic Relief Services. What do they expect to get from it? Respectability? Silence about their funding of population control and other evils? What exactly are the bishops through the USCCB selling by taking blood money from two of the biggest promoters of child-killing around the world? That's the question explored by Randy Engel in her article, Catholic Relief Services Forms Partnership with the Death Peddlars:

According to the CRS official website (, the Gates Foundation is “guided by the belief that every life has equal value.” CRS praises the foundation’s work “to help all people lead healthy, productive lives,” and “to ensure that all people… have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. …”

In exchange for perpetuating this glorious deception and maintaining a silence on the Gates/Buffett world-wide killing machine, CRS has received in excess of $40 million for global and agricultural development and financial services for the poor from 2003 to 2009. Compared to the billions Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett and his family spend on their true passion – baby killing and. population control – it’s a drop in the bucket, of course, but I’m sure they consider their money well spent. In reviewing the anti-life record of the Gateses and Buffetts, one they have successfully keep out of the public eye, thanks to organizations like CRS.
Engel goes on to itemize the massive funding by these two foundations of pro-abortion and population control groups. The list is a Who's Who of child-killing: Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, Catholics for a Free Choice, Center for Reproductive Rights, Population Council, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and on and on. The foundations have funded embryonic stem cell and cloning research and clinical trials for RU-486. The involvement of these two groups advancing the culture of death with their multi-million dollar grants staggers the imagination.

On the other hand, the Gates Foundation gave CRS 2.9 million dollars in food grants in 2008 and a million for Haiti relief after the recent earthquake.

What do they get for their money? Glowing articles on the CRS website:
"Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CRS will be able to ramp up our efforts to serve those suffering from the effects of the global food crisis in these three countries," said CRS President Ken Hackett. "Our partnership with the foundation will help us to meet the immediate needs of hungry families, while investing in greater agricultural production to provide more food in the future." (Read complete arrticle.)

You can find dozens of articles linked to the CRS website that glowingly refer to the projects and programs funded by the Gates and Buffett foundations. What you won't find is any criticism of their efforts to kill off the children of the poor (or the middle class, or blacks, or Asians, etc.). In fact, I challenge you to do a search on the internet trying to find any criticism from the USCCB about the anti-life activities of these death peddlars. I couldn't find anything. Not a single thing. Nada! Zero! Zilch! The  silence speaks volumes.

Who is making strong statements? Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International. What's the likelihood he'll ever wear a pectoral cross?

CRS is one more department of the USCCB that is tainted by association with the culture of death. As Engel points out in her article:
Unlike the CCHD, which should be disbanded, CRS, founded in 1943, has a long history of legitimate service to the Church especially in regard to refugee settlement and emergency disaster relief programs. The tragedy is that it has become just another compromised entity of the American Bishops’ national bureaucracy which systematically poisons everything it touches. The removal of the Bill and Melinda Gates and Buffett Foundations from the roster of CRS partners/donors list is important, but the problems with CRS run much deeper and are unlikely to be resolved by the liberal, leftist establishment and staff that runs and controls the USCCB.
In closing I return to the question of what these radically pro-abortion, pro-population control groups are trying to buy with their money. I can only presume from my, albeit limited, research that their goal is Church silence about their evil agenda. It's the same silence the state buys with the tax exempt status which keeps so many bishops gagged trembling that they'll lose Caesar's gold if they boldly speak the truth.

Pray that the Lord will wake up our shepherds with the words of Deuteronomy. "I set before thee this day, life and prosperity, death and destruction. Choose life that you and your children may live." Jesus told his followers that you cannot serve both God and money. Choose God or choose Mammon. Trying to choose both is a partnership made in hell.

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Glenn You Know Nothing said...

Mary Annie,

These far LEFT nuts are scary. Dr Holder the Science advisor to Our God Obama wrote a Book that said that the poor and 3rd world mothers should be sterilized and that Tree's should be able to sue etc.

BTW, Check Out Advanced Cell Technology, the Stem Cell Company uses the SAME procedure as an IVF clinic does to test for health embryo's by taking ONE cell from the embryo to create its HESC! NOW that is something I can support.