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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retired Navy Captain tells why homosexuals don't belong in the military

Admiral Mike Mullen has spent too much time rolling in the waves of political correctness. Homosexuals in the military are not just a bad idea, but a REALLY bad idea. Retired Navy Captain Jim Jefferis tells why. The question is, will anybody listen? All of our institutions have become laboratories for social experiments no matter who gets harmed in the process. Children are guinea pigs for Planned Parenthoods anything goes sex education and then Oprah and the world wonder why middle school kids engage in oral sex and don't think it's sex. Mom's kill their children by abortion and then the world gasps in astonished horror when teenage parents throw their newborn in a dumpster. The law sanctions the murder of brain damaged patients like Terri Schiavo and laments the parent who bashes out the brains of his handicapped infant.

At least once a day I shake my head and say we live in a lunatic asylum which is insulting to lunatics because most of them actually have a more acute moral sense than the faculty at our Ivy League Universities (Think Peter Singer and his philosophy that pigs have more rights than babies!) and certainly more than Admiral Mullen.

If the Navy had any sense they'd pitch out Admiral Mullen and promote Captain Jefferis to Admiral and bring him out of retirment to restore common sense to what has become the most politically correct of the Armed Forces. My dad, who was a Rear Admiral when he retired, must be rolling over in his grave over the insanity going on in the service. I'm glad he only lived to see Zumwalt's idiocy with the long hair, sideburns, and lax discipline. I think he would have had plenty to say about Mullen, none of it complimentary.

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Anonymous said...

Did you hear the latest from the Navy pinheads?...women in submarines.