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Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Speechless About Cardinal O'Malley

Cardinal O'Malley seems like a very nice man. He looks like St. Francis after all - except the pictures of St. Francis always show him thin. He wasn't as generous to "brother ass" as most brothers, priests, and bishops. But I'm truly speechless over Cardinal O'Malley's recent interview saying the Vatican needs to change canon law to give a clearer directive on denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

Is he serious?

Canon law 915 is very clear that those engaged in egregious, on-going scandal should be denied Communion. Does the Church really need a chapter called "specific sins that call for denial of Communion?" Does canon law have to say, "The hookers on the local street corner a block from the Cathedral may not be given Communion Sunday morning after doing tricks all night? No Communion for the local abortionist until he publicly repudiates his grizzly business, etc." Politicians like Kennedy caused far more abortions through his support for abortion than the poor frightened woman who kills her baby in a panic. But she's excommunicated and he gets a funeral fit for a king - King Herod, perhaps?

Cardinal Francis Arinze, Archbishop Raymond Burke, and the Pope himself when we called him Cardinal Ratzinger have all spoken out against giving Communion to publicly pro-abortion Catholics.

Maybe Cardinal O'Malley is waiting for a vision. Meanwhile, Catholics are waiting for bishops to defend the faith.


Anonymous said...

Well, my bishop says that the canon law means that only *he* can withold Holy Communion to pro-death pols. Hew claims that only he has the right to impose the law in his diocese.

Good grief. What part of Jesus' words, "Let your yes mean yes - and your no mean no" do these shepherds not understand?

TTC said...

I'm speechless your speechless!

Cardinal O'Malley is a flaming liberal. He's got Bryan Hehir in the Cathedra while he lives the life of a king traveling here, there and everywhere making foolish statements like this one.

Didn't you follow the Caritas debacle on the grassroots level? He signed abortion contracts for Caritas Hospitals in exchange for money - which are still in effect as we speak. Put up a big dog and pony show that the NCBC "blessed" the new arrangement. Only one thing - he won't release the "blessing".

We've had five years of intellectual dishonesty in the public square while he's systematically dismantling the Roman Catholic Church in Boston.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have no illusions about Cardinal O'Malley. I'm familiar with Fr. Hehir who used to be in my diocese. His move was our gain and Boston's loss. But I was, indeed, speechless that the Cardinal could act like he knew nothing about Canon Law 915 or could pretend it doesn't say what it says. But I suppose you are right. When it comes to the chutzpah of bishops nothing should surprise me these days.

TTC said...

Mary Ann,

The dishonesty is a bit shocking. We gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time - naivete, cowardice, good faith - - the pervasive pattern of dishonesty in the public square, opposed to what he is doing where the rubber hits the road, it's simply undeniable.

Have a great day!