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Friday, February 26, 2010

Back Alley Butchers Operate on Main Street

The abortion industry loves to wave the bloody coat hanger and talk about the evil old days before abortion was legal and the back alley butchers killed "millions" of women. People accepted their ridiculous numbers as if "millions" of women's dead bodies could be covered up. The most abortion deaths during those bad old days were in the low hundreds per year in the entire country. Any death from abortion is a tragedy - two tragedies when the mother is killed as well as the baby and totally unnecessary when so much help is available.

No one really knows how many women today are dying from legal abortions. In the pre-Roe days, the doctors reporting the deaths were in the emergency rooms and had no reason to cover up the abortion statistics. Today, the doctors or their cronies are reporting their own deaths which are often covered up as "medical misadventure" or anesthetic reaction, etc. The word abortion may not even appear in the death report.

The abortion industry has also hidden the fact that many of the back alley butchers were doctors and that they simply moved their shingle from the back entrance off the alley to the front door after Roe v. Wade. Milan Vuitch, the abortionist responsible for the change in D.C.'s law, did abortions in his basement before he opened up his chop shops in D.C. and Maryland. He killed and maimed women in his abortion mills the same as in his basement butchery. And the front alley killings go on. Read about the Philadelphia killer. Babies aren't the only one butchered at the local abortion mill. Read Lime 5 for a real eye-opener about legal abortion. Those who are willing to do abortions are often willing to commit other brutalities as well.

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