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Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Catholic Green School

I picked this video up from James Evans' post at Orate Fratres. Now I'm all for composting; I'm a gardener and I think it's great to teach kids to be good stewards of the earth. But I wonder what's going along with this "green" education. The song at the end, "I will save the earth," puts environmental activism above those issues that will really save the planet. The greatest threat to the earth, as Mother Teresa often said, isn't global warming or failure to recycle, it's abortion (and other sins that go along with lust). The planet is drenched in the blood of children. That's not all. Artificial estrogen from chemical birth control pollutes our rivers and ground water feminizing male fish and doing God knows what to humans.

Where is the first Catholic school for life that puts dedication to the culture of life at its center? Consider the impact of teaching our elementary children to spiritually adopt unborn babies. Think of how you would  foster respect for life by explaining each week and month what's happening to the baby growing in the womb. A school-wide baby shower could benefit local crisis pregnancy centers and a baby tea could celebrate all the new mothers at the school and show off the younger siblings of their older children. How about planting a baby garden filled with plants that   remind one of children: baby's breath, lambs ear, miniature roses, dwarf marigolds, etc.  Where is that school that puts first things first?

Studies show that young people who attend Catholic colleges are more likely to lose their faith than those who go to secular universities. What an indictment! But if Catholic elementary schools planted and nurtured the seeds of the culture of life in the hearts of little children, think of the bedrock that would be formed by eighth grade.

In order to be a good steward of the earth, you first have to receive the gift of life.

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