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Friday, April 15, 2011

Persecution of Christians in Korea

50,000 Christians are in jail in North Korea for no other reason than they are Christians. Here's a portion of the article from Fides:
The recent report by Darusman presented at the UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva, explains that the judiciary system [of North Korea] lacks independence compared to the regime. Besides the ordinary courts of judicial power, there exists a "parallel justice system" in the country that does not respect any of the procedural guarantees for the accused....
All Koreans or foreigners who fall into the verdicts of these trials, are sent to prison camps where detainees are regularly subjected to torture and cruel and inhuman treatment. The political dissidents and their families, often held for life, suffer hunger and forced labor. Among them are the prisoners of conscience and religion and, according to "Open Doors", there are over 50 thousand Christians....
Freedom of religion in North Korea is totally denied, as well as of conscience, opinion, religion, peaceful association. According to the testimonies of people who escaped from the country, the regime continues an intense anti-religious propaganda, prohibits religious activities and prosecutes those involved in religious activities, including private activities. The regime states that the "Juche", the official ideology of the state, is the only system of thought and belief allowed in North Korea. Read the full article here.
Two movies are coming out in the next few months about the persecution of Catholics in Spain and Mexico during the first half of the 20th century. But persecution is not a thing of the past. Pray for those who love their Christian faith enough to suffer, and even die, for it.

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