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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Planned Parenthood on the Move in their Pink Bus

I actually saw the Planned Parenthood pink bus on Interstate 81 yesterday evening about 5:00 p.m. near Mt. Jackson, VA heading north. Note the last "fact" on the bus: 830,000 breast exams. What a lie! We all know now, thanks to Live Action, that Planned Parenthood doesn't have any mammogram machines and that some clinics don't even have a doctor on site. They give out the morning after pill via a doctor on a computer who never meets the client in real life. Doesn't that give new meaning to the expression, "a decision between a woman and 'her' doctor? Of course, in many places you can get Plan B at the pharmacy without a prescription. Once more women are the guinea pigs of the pharmaceutical companies making drugs with no other purpose than killing babies. One of the ways MAP works is by preventing implantation. If a woman takes MAP after ovulating (sperm reaches the fallopian tubes within minutes after sexual intercourse) it will operate as an abortifacient because once fertilization takes place it's too late to prevent pregnancy!

Help defund Planned Parenthood whose only real purpose is to kill babies in the womb, give out birth control to plan NOT to have babies, and teach kids how to fornicate without getting that "disease" called a baby. The pretense that they are doing anything positive for "reproductive health" is a myth. There is nothing about Planned Parenthood that encourages virtue, self respect, or respect for life. PP is all about hedonism and selfishness...oh, and eliminating "human weeds."

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