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Sunday, April 10, 2011

MoveOn.Org: Propaganda in the Big Lie Tradition!

The ad below is so dishonest it's astonishing. (Actually, it's not astonishing. It's what the liberal left does.)

Abortion is legal, you liars. Nothing that is going on at present affects that AT ALL (unfortunately). Planned Parenthood can continue to kill babies all do long (over 900 every day!). The fight is over who pays for it? But why let facts get in the way of your emotional argument. Drag out the bloody coathanger. But don't show the cases of men who put abortifacient drugs in their girlfriends' coffee mugs or kick them in the abdomen or kill them. ("It's your choice, but make the right one, b****!") Sixty-four percent of abortions involve coercion. And the leading cause of death among pregnant women is murder.

Abortion hasn't made women safer. It has made them the target of predatory men who want their little sex objects but not the complication of a baby and child support payments for 18 years. So kill the kid. And if mom won't go along kill her too. Check out the data on coerced abortion here. Abortion kills in more ways than one. And one of its worst murders is the murder of the soul and the conscience of many men and women. Pray for an end to abortion!

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Anonymous said...

Those of us who lived before abortion was legal, including doctors, know that deaths from abortions were not common. One doctor from that time wrote to our newpaper in California that in all the time he served as a doctor, he did not have to help a woman who was harmed by an illegal abortion, and that these cases were not as common as the pro-aborts like to say. Dr. Nathanson, the abortionist turned pro-life, told how the pro-aborts lied about illegal abortion injuries and deaths being common and how the figures were purposely inflated.