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Monday, February 4, 2013

Never Forget!... What a Rogue Government Did at Waco

The Davidian Massacre Pages

Waco was the warning of what an out-of-control federal government can do to its citizens. After the ATF and the FBI killed the Branch Davidians in what was an unconstitutional military-assisted assault, they destroyed evidence, lied, and demonized a religious sect guilty of little more than being different. The attack happened only a year after Ruby Ridge, another assault on a family for little more than being different. Interestingly, Lon Horiuchi, the sharshooter who killed unarmed Vicki Weaver as she stood in the doorway holding her baby, was also involved in the Waco siege. While they feds claimed they did not fire on the compound, spent shell cases were found at the location of Horiuchi and his team. There is also evidence that helicopters were shooting machine guns at the one possible remaining exit after the fire began. It was overkill -- literally! In her book on the Waco Massacre, Carol Moore made this interesting observation:
In the video "The Waco Incident: The True Story," controversial investigator Gordon Novel asserts, "That's America's first Auschwitz right there. They're gassing them prior to cremating them." The massacre of the Branch Davidians was the greatest government massacre of civilians on American soil since the massacre of 300 Native Americans at Wounded Knee in 1890. There are hundreds of disturbing questions about this massacre that must be answered.
I agree and
I hope people not only don't forget about it, but do research on it, check out the evidence, encourage their children to write papers on it, and never let the American people forget what Uncle Sam is capable of doing to those who are different.

Who in this country is most different today according to an increasingly paganized culture? Think about it as you see Christians forced into cooperation with the evils of abortion and same-sex perversion.

Concern over Waco continues. Check out these sources:

Helicopter Attack
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Siobhan said...

The government is certainly setting the stage for anyone they determine to be a “Right Wing extremist.” Who are these “terrorists?” Basically, Patriotic Christian Conservatives who they think stand in the way of the “New Amerika.” Believe me, Obama and company want their “cultural revolution” and their “great leap forward”, and would gladly eliminate us when given the chance.

Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats, who were in control at that time, might have overreacted to the Branch Davidians after their "love affair" with the "Rev." Jim Jones who forced all those people to commit suicide, but hiding evidence, etc. is criminal. Even President Carter thought Jones was a good guy at first. Jones was also bisexual and highly involved with Harvey Milk's union in San Francisco. It seems the Dems were knocking each other off one after another. Dan White who killed Milk and Moscone was a Dem, and it was the Democrat Jim Jones who had the Irish-American Democratic senator killed who went to investigate him. Most all of them were a strange bunch, including the survivors such as Dianne Feinstein. It seems as though many of them sold their souls for political power, or is it just the consequences of being the party of death (supporting abortion, euthanasia and sodomy? Maybe both are true.