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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sr. Joan Chittister: Hoping for the Impossible!

She writes nonsense, but then she always has and the worldly love her for it.... And we all know who the prince of the world is, right? So hail Sr. Joan the apostate. Her predecessor was burned as a witch unjustly, but unless modern Joan repents...well, hell fire is a lot hotter!.

The best thing Pope Benedict did was resign


Terry Nelson said...

I just read her post. I almost wrote something but I was too angry and unable to do so charitably.

Old Bob said...

The poor lady is clearly out of it. I think she's a victim of her own loony thinking.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman, and I avoid buying anything she writes after searching through her books at bookstores. Why has the Benedictine Order kept her so long? Are they afraid they might throw her out onto the streets? She can find a place for sure in the American Episcopal "church" (code word for pagan temple). Now the American Anglican Church is far more orthodox, though they Sacraments are invalid for Catholics.

Anonymous said...

I made another mistake in my last post, I will have to preview it more next time, and my glasses trick me sometimes, too, so sorry for the error. You robot eliminator is hard for me too. I can figure out the letters but not the numbers always.