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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sequester is Coming, the Sequester is Coming...

...are you quaking in your boots?

It's all a game you when they close DMV offices and highway rest stops to make sure they inconvenience the most people to create a demand for services. And, of course, then they can say...well, of course we can fix things if we just raise taxes.

The sequester involves a miniscule amount of the federal budget. We could save that money by cutting things no one would even notice -- like money for "green energy." How about putting the employees in the Department of Education and Energy on unpaid leave one day every two weeks (or maybe permanently?). Drop some of the useless studies like the effect of cocaine on quail (real study). Here's a list of 30 ridiculous things the government has spent and is spending money on. Does anyone seriously believe that there aren't many programs that could be cut without anyone noticing?

It is nothing but a con game run by the con-in-chief who lives at 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. He's trying to convince everybody that the world will end if we don't keep spending buckets of money and raise the debt ceiling to do it. Despite the shrill lies about long lines at the airport and no teachers for the children and fewer police officers, etc. ad nauseum -- none of those programs need to be cut. They are deliberately selected to impact the most people and make the most noise. But it's all sound and fury signifying nothing except the moral bankruptcy of the administration and so many of our politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Sickening isn't it?


Anonymous said...

not that you have ever been interested in facts, but it is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

LOL! Let he who is without mistakes be the first to cast a stone. It is always a pleasure to be corrected by an anonymous friend.

Ray Schneider said...

Doubtful from the tone of the correction that it is a friend and it is a trivial error.

The fear mongering that the White House and the media are engaged in is little short of criminal. Releasing criminals as a strategy should be an impeachable offense. The amount of the cuts which I've seen various estimated at between 44 and 85 billion dollars is simply a trivial proportion of the Federal budget expenditures of 3.796 trillion, about 2.2% which could be recovered in lots of fairly trivial ways. But of course the government is not very responsible with money. They waste it in huge quantities for not very much and almost no accountability.