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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Put These School Officials in Straightjackets

Hello Kitty assault weapon
Five-year-old designated "terrorist" because she challenged classmate to shoot it out with her Hello Kitty bubble gun (which was at home at the time).

Next thing we know Hello Kitty bubble guns will be designated assault weapons by Diane Feinstein.

The child was required to get a psych evaluation, but we all know who the real nuts are. Which just goes to show that working for the government makes you crazy. And the higher up you are, the more in need of the straight jacket and the padded cell.

This would be hilarious except for the serious ramifications for the child and her family. I hope they sue the dickens out of the school! Are teachers today really so silly that they can't solve a problem in the classroom between two five-year-olds? When my fourth graders were mean to each other, I always cited the golden rule and urged them to treat each other with respect (the BIG rule I had in my classroom). Did they always do it? Of course not, but their mistakes were learning opportunities. Today, respect has been replaced with correct, politically correct that is. Teach your children to be critical thinkers and question everything they are told by their teachers. If it doesn't stand the test of truth and common sense, ditch it. Just because someone is in a position of authority doesn't mean he's telling you the truth! And that goes for men in roman collars and miters.

More here. It's time the names of these people were published so they could be held up to the public ridicule they deserve. (Note the elementary school photo in the article. Doesn't it look like a jail? If it were my child or grandchild, she'd never go back. I'd home school in a nano-second for her mental health and safety.)


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I can't wait to see what they do with spit balls!

c matt said...

Did she go through a proper Federal Firearms Licensed dealer for that? I wonder if that menacing "bubble magazine" is beyond the restricted capacity.