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Sunday, February 24, 2013

NYC: Run by a Lunatic!

Gosh, remember the fuss the media made over Rubio's bottled "water-gate?" They ridiculed him for days. Has the media treated Bloomberg's soda-gate the same way? Why not? After all Rubio's drink of water didn't cost the consumer a penny or limit individual choices in any way. On the other hand, Bloomberg's soda-gate means parents having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese can't buy a pitcher of soda but will have to buy soda by the cup -- much more expensive. Dominoes won't be allowed to deliver 2-litre bottles of soda with their pizzas, but consumers will have to buy more expensive 16-ounce bottles, which means more money for the pizza man, but less for the consumer. And why the heck is it the government's business how much soda you drink anyway? But this is the typical liberal mindset. Bloomberg sees himself as daddy to every citizen in New York and he is the epitome of the daddy-tyrant! No salt, no sugar, no soda -- except in amounts he deems acceptable. No wonder Rush moved out of New York. Any sensible person with the ability to pick up stakes would be nuts to stay. But, please, you liberals who I expect will be running along with the conservatives, please don't move to Virginia. I hear southern California right along the border is a lovely place to live. It's only fair you should experience the consequences of your philosophy.

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Anonymous said...

I live in ny. The nanny is trying to stop the huge medical cost for Medicaid. The poor are costing him a fortune because of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. But he's a liberal Jew. So he can't admit that it's the minorities. Meanwhile he is also, I believe, a closet homosexual. So we never hear anything about the risks of man on man sex AND the cost to treat. Instead we are constantly being condemned for smoking. Pretty much everything is caused by smoking. It is the secular mortal sin. Condoms and birth control are mayoral graces so as to avoid the more costly abortion which he also has to pay for but has no problems with at all. After all its mostly those same minorities that get pregnant and need to dispose of their children. What a City!