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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Miscellaneous Observations from Fr. Tom Collins -- Are You Confused?

A report in the Washington Times yesterday (May 29th) shows that human trafficking cartels behind the “migrant crisis”, which has brought hundreds of thousands of “economic refugees” illegally across our borders, with demands from Democrats, clergy and activist judges that “social justice” requires that we pay indefinitely to supply such infiltrators with free room, board, medical care and education.

Such human trafficking efforts are apparently supported by Pope Francis and the USCCB, who insist that “social justice” demands that we help enhance the business of human traffickers by confirming their advertising to those infiltrating into our nation or into Europe that they will be entitled to free social services benefits in America or Europe, which go beyond even those supplied to citizens and other legal residents of our nation living in poverty.

As a matter of fact, adding such “refugees” to Western social services systems will de facto decrease the funding available to help our poverty stricken citizens and those who are legally residing in those nations. Thus it seems that “social justice” requires that we cut back social services benefits to our citizens and legal residents in order to subsidize the illegal and furtive infiltration of our nation and to ensure that jihadists, criminals, violent gang members, drug traffickers, human traffickers and those infected with serious contagious diseases be allowed to bring moral and medical infestation into the heartland of our nation.

Note that, paraphrasing St. Oscar Romero’s observation, if you want to stop the spread of infectious diseases and crime in our nation, you are called a saint. But if you dare to ask why or how infectious
diseases and crime are spreading into our nation, you are called a hate-filled bigot. “Social justice” thus seems to require that we support the subsidizing of those spreading disease, crime and social chaos in our nation. After all, as Pope Francis pointed out, seeking to preserve security and order in our society is contrary to the Gospel. Perhaps this is also why he is not so diligent in ensuring that the moral security of children be protected from sexual predators among the clergy. After all, he recently asserted that salvation is to be realized in chaos and insecurity, not in reverent accountability to the whole truth of God.

Likewise, vows made at Confirmation are apparently nullified by vows of Holy Orders, whereby obedience to the dictates of a bishop’s bureaucracy is to be viewed as transcending even the moral law of God. (Note that, even after protestations that decisive actions against predatory clergy have been implemented, a number of clergy and laity, who dared to report sexual misconduct by predatory clergy, are still being ecclesiastically and/or civilly penalized for daring “to create scandal” by bringing such immoral and exploitive behaviors to the attention of Church and/or civil authorities).

I am not too sure that the “I was just following orders” appeal will have much weight before Christ on Judgment Day. But then again, as Bishop Robert Barron confidently assures us, we can have a reasonable hope that almost everyone will be saved.

Meanwhile, I am required to suspect that any mother participating in a parish Mothers’ Day Out program is a sexual predator, until, and even after, she is properly vetted by our diocesan VIRTUS program.
I am confused!