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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I Set Before You Life and Death....

The forces of death in our culture become ever bolder. Who can see people like Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam and others of their ilk fight for the right to murder children up to and even after birth and not be horrified? And seeing so many echo their evil makes one think of the screaming mobs at the annual Nazi Nuremberg rallies. The victims of our modern culture of death’s satanic human sacrifice may be smaller, but their murders are no less horrifying.

But, if the death peddlers are more virulent than ever, the culture of life is responding with a resounding defense of life. More and more states are considering and enacting legislation to protect babies earlier and earlier in the womb. Today Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the fetal heartbeat bill which protects infants with detectable heartbeats. It lowers the legal limit for abortion from 20 weeks to six weeks. Iowa and North Dakota have similar bills. In recent weeks Kentucky and Mississippi also passed heartbeat bills. A number of other states are introducing bills including Alabama whose house overwhelmingly passed  the Human Life Protection Act last week that outlaws almost all abortions and makes performing abortions a felony. The bill identifies the unborn baby as a person and defends the sanctity of life. The Republican-controlled senate is expected to pass the bill as well and Governor Kay Ivey is likely to sign it.

No bill is perfect since all, even Alabama’s, include exceptions, but it is clear that the culture of life is on the move. Read Alabama’s bill which compares the murder of the unborn to other crimes against humanity by the Nazis, the Communists, the Khmer Rouge, the Rwandan genocide, etc.

Politics isn’t the solution to the abortion atrocity any more than it can solve any moral problem. Moral evil begins in the heart and conversion is ultimately the answer to evil. But since some men will refuse to convert, governments must be formed that protect the common good and establish laws that protect intrinsic human rights including life and liberty. Pray for all the legislators working to advance the culture of life. And pray for the defeat of all the forces of evil, especially bad Catholics who scandalize and blaspheme the Lord of Life!