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Friday, May 10, 2019

Parents of Girls Attacked by Creepy Philly Lawmaker Brian Sims Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Parents of teen girls harassed by Brian Sims raise over $100G for Philly pro-life org

Brian Sims chose the wrong mama bear to go after. Ashley Garecht spoke on Tucker Carlson tonight. 

Ashley Garecht clearly is an articulate defender of the unborn. If you have any fear for the future remember this mom and the girls she is raising to be warriors for life. May St. Michael the Archangel protect and defend her family. I suspect the girls are even more resolved to defend life after this. 

Thank you Brian Sims! Good shines brightest in the blackest night. May God have mercy on you and shower you with the grace of conversion. 


  1. Best wishes to her and her kids. They are inspirational

  2. Judgement Day draws ever closer. Isn’t it time we Catholics began standing up for OUR God. We are either for him or against him, gathering or scattering. My Hod is the Catholic God, the God of Our Lady of Lourdes. If Francis knows we’ll that he is not The Pope and doesn’t even feel the need to speak or behave like one why then do his fawning flock not know? It gets easier for them all the time to unite us with The Belial of the United Nations and the United Nations One Visible Accepted Church. Francistein has already signed off on it!