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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lying Liberals and their "Gutter Politics": Kavanaugh Gets it Again.

Brett Kavanaugh is in their gunsights again....

Liberals never give up slandering if it can advance their cause. And if going back to re-slander someone they weren't able to destroy first time's slander redux.

The verbal AK 47s are out en masse being carried by all the Democrat candidates as well as personal friends of Bill. How many have connections to now-deceased serial rapist and child molester Jeffrey Epstein? We'll never know because there are few investigations of virtue-signaling liberals and Epstein isn't around any more to tell the tale and expose his partners in orgy.

No matter, of course, because there...ahem... could be nothing to tell! Liberals are sinless because there is no such thing as sin...only alternate lifestyles and reproductive freedom. Their theme song is "I gotta be me."

Not only that, we know that Democrats are paragons of virtue?... They tell us so all the time.

Max Stier
Enter Max Stier, with the latest supposed "bombshell," to revive the assault on Kavanaugh by telling a story about an episode that the supposed victim says she doesn't even remember, a fact the lying New York Times conveniently left out of their story. Of course, liberals say that just proves she was soooo traumatized she's blocked the abuse from her memory.

You can't make this stuff up!

Stier, a classmate of Kavanaugh at Yale, is CEO of the Partnership for Public Service. Stier and Kavanaugh have another link. Stier was on the defense team that fought Bill Clinton's impeachment. So the man coming out to claim Kavanaugh committed a gross act at a drunken college party defended the gross behavior of a middle aged sitting president, a rapist and sex predator. Remember, liberals tell us all women should be believed (except Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Bill's "trailer trash" accusers  who obviously are just slandering Sir Galahad Bill). Ya just gotta laugh!

Meanwhile, to make the plot even more interesting, Kavanaugh was on the prosecuting team led by Kenneth Starr to prove that Clinton was unfit for office. Kavanaugh was also one of the writers of the Starr report. So Max and Brett are two men on opposite sides. Mano et mano. How deep was the rivalry? Is anyone asking? Does Max Stier, like Christine Ford, have an agenda? (By the way, did you ever read in the media that Ford's dad supported the Kavanaugh nomination and congratulated Brett's dad on the gold course of the club to which both families belonged?) As Alice said..."curiouser and curiouser."


Stier's friends say his honesty is unquestionable. Kavanaugh's friends say the same about him. Who's telling the truth? We'll never know for sure, but in view of the Democrats' practice of the politics of personal annihilation...frankly...I don't trust anything coming from that corner. They strut and smirk and assure us they ALWAYS know and tell the truth. (Please, stop that rude laughter!)

Just admit it. Liberals are more credible because we all know they NEVER lie and they love babies (if they're wanted), trees (which they spike so they can injure or kill anyone who tries to cut one down), animals (like the kittens and puppies slaughtered by PETA), motherhood (when "Mommy" is a man), and apple pie. (Hey, one out of five isn't bad!)

Besides...we've been told often enough that all Kavanaugh's accusers and all Democrats are "honorable men" (and women, of course). And now we have "the noble Brutus Stier (who) Hath told you us Caesar Kavanaugh was ambitious licentious" and Max and all the others, including the Democrat candidates à la the lying Pocahontas and the homosexual moralist with the hotline to God are all..."honorable." Who can disbelieve such an obvious truth, one that is more important than facts to quote Uncle Joe.

Enough said. I'm going to make soup.

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Mary's Child Mariann said...

Well done! The main reason they will not stop on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is they are trying to stir fear in anyone who would be considered for the Supreme Court should an opening occur during President Trump's time in office and any other conservative person who may ever hold the office of the President again. They consider Kavanaugh the necessary victim to further their evil.
God bless you and your family!

avila said...

Wonder why this man did not come forward during the confirmation...