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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Yikes! Another Sky Ride - Another Headshaking Press Conference....Francis Says Catholics Should Obey the United Nations and Schism is No Problemo

Now remember, I want you all to obey the United Nations. 
I recently read an article that says when you fly your blood oxygen level can be dangerously reduced, especially if you have a lung problem. Pope Francis had a portion of his right lung removed when he was a teenager. So does oxygen deprivation explain some of the crazy things he says when he's sky high at 35,000 feet?...

...Like we should all obey the U.N.

Here's what the pope said about it during his press conference on the plane (sigh) coming back from Madagascar (Full text here):
Pope Francis: I would like to repeat the doctrine of the Church, that international organizations, when we understand we give them the ability to judge internationally.  We think for example to the international court of AJA, and many times also the United Nations, when they speak. If we are a humanity we should obey. It is true that things do not always seem right for all humanity, they are right for our pockets, but you should obey international institutions, the United Nations was created for this, the international courts were created [for this]. Because when there is an internal flight between countries it should be resolved as civilized brothers.
Uh...let's see. This is the organization that defends "reproductive rights," a euphemism for contraception and abortion and is all in favor of LGBTQ rights and criminalizing critics. They attack the family at every opportunity and want comprehensive, Planned Parenthood style sex education everywhere.They support population control, especially in the third world. The U.N. couldn't serve Satan more than if it was founded by the prince of the world himself. (Maybe it was.)

If you want to know just how bad the U.N. is sign up for C-Fam's Friday Fax.

And then there was the other off-the-cuff comment on the Madagascar flight. The pope sees no problem with schism.

Huh? I'm not really surprised since he has no problem with heresy either.

Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture feels differently saying he's afraid of a pope who isn't afraid of causing a schism.

Me too!

We're in a heap of hurt these days in the Church. We have a pope who is more likely to preach about our obligation to the U.N. and Mother Earth than to Jesus Christ.

Which means we need to spend a lot of time on our knees praying in reparation for the successor of Peter who often reminds us of the heretics of history in roman collars.

Of course, it's important to remember and cling to the truth that God will never abandon His people, but he is not going to withhold Judgment forever. And that judgment is no joke! We need to remember how severely God chastised Korah and his band of dissenters when they rebelled against Moses and the laws God gave the people through him. Moses warned them and then called everyone to assemble outside the meeting tent. There he told all the people:

If these men die the common death of men, and if they be visited with a plague, wherewith others also are wont to be visited, the Lord did not send me.

But if the Lord do a new thing, and the earth opening her mouth swallow them down, and all things that belong to them, and they go down alive into hell, you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord. And immediately as he had made an end of speaking, the earth broke asunder under their feet:and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men who belonged to Korah, with their possessions. [Numbers 16:29-32]
And then God sent fire on the 250 men who had joined the rebellion and they were all destroyed.

Think of the fire at Notre Dame recently. Bishop Schneider said it was a sign. The Church is on fire, not with the fire of the Holy Spirit, but with the fires of hell. Perhaps we should take things seriously before fire begins raining from heaven as it did in the desert to purify the chosen people from the poison of heresy. 

Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life have mercy on us!


M.T. said...

Please forgive me, but, has anybody thought of getting together all the leaders of different groups to organize a PUBLIC demonstration against the Vatican????????? Maybe at the Nunciature? or in the grounds of theShrine in DC?????
Consider it a crazy thought; I don't care, seems that we have to do something else in addition to prayers and penance. Forgive me!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

That's a great idea. I hope someone picks up on it. A rosary crusade with signs would be appropriate. I can think of a few:

"I trust the Blessed Mother, not the U.N."

"I'm afraid of a pope who's not afraid of schism."

Bring back the Fathers of the Church.

St. Catherine of Siena (or Padre Pio or St. Athanasius, etc.) HELP!"