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Thursday, January 23, 2020

More Bad News for the Bishops! A Class Action Lawsuit!

Do our bishops serve God or themselves?
 Sex abuse isn't the only crime (and sin) being enabled by our bishops. Fraud and theft come in close behind. And lawyers will continue to be the beneficiaries.

The USCCB is facing a class action lawsuit over the misuse of money donated to Peter's Pence. Here's what the money has been actually used for:
Catholics should be outraged at Vatican’s Peter’s Pence bait-and-switch
And many are outraged which is why they, like us, haven't donated to a second collection FOR YEARS. I don't trust the bishops any more than the hucksters selling their magical diet pills.

And here's the outcome of all their fraud -- an invitation to the flock to:
Join the Lawsuit
This is what the bishops have brought us to -- litigation lawyers having a field day! I'm not sure whether to celebrate or cry. Their crimes are coming to light in what I'm sure is an unwelcome transparency.

Think about it! 

Lust and greed go together. Just look at bishops like Bransfield and McCarrick and Daniel Ryan. The sexual predators take seriously their titles as "princes" of the Church living the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the donations from the middle class and the poor.

And where you find two of the deadly sins, you are likely to find others: the gluttony of drunkenness and drug abuse, the contemptuous pride that was so evident in Bransfield's treatment of the flock in Wheeling. Well...I'm preaching to the choir.

We are living in sad times for sure. 

Last night at adoration I was reading the Eucharistic Meditations of St. John Vianney. How desperately we need priests like him in the Church today, especially in the hierarchy. And we need laity too who love Jesus with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength. If we do that, then love for our neighbor follows as naturally as night follows day. 

Christ loved us so much that he knowingly put Himself in the hands of those who would profane Him and treat Him with contempt. He knew that some priests would abuse children and then call Him down to the altar of sacrifice to be scourged once again by their filthy hands. He knew laity would approach for Communion after voting to kill the least ones among us. He knew the horror of it all. 

But still He instituted the sacrament of love.

We hear about the love that makes one willing to die for a friend. But what about the love of the one who "knew well, before He instituted this sacrament of love, to how much contempt and profanation He was going to expose Himself."

Francisco of Fatima often lamented that "Love is not loved." 

Do we love Jesus? What will I do today to show my love for Him? St. John Vianney offers us this advice:
If we loved our Lord, we should have that gilded tabernacle, that house of the good God, always before our mind's eye. When we see a spire from the road, that sight ought to make our hearts beat like the heart of a lover at sight of the roof under which his love dwells. We ought to be unable to take our eyes off it."
St. John Vianney, intercede for us that the Lord of the harvest will send us priests like you to shepherd us to heaven. 


Susan Matthiesen said...

Great news! The hierarchy forgets that the laity live in the world and can spot a fraud a mile away from getting our tires changed by an obvious greedy company charging twice the going rate to not trusting a seedy looking person with our children. We deal with other people everyday - normal people and those not so normal - and make our decisions and judgements accordingly.

The bishops mainly deal with each other - the frauds, the greedy, the lustful, the slothful, and the evil - thinking only of their power, ease and wealth. Never thinking of Christ, but only themselves.

I can't wait to see this played out. I stopped giving to any second collection years ago.

Anonymous said...

This Bishop reminds me of Bishop Barbarito of Palm Beach County.
Is it a fair question to ask if some of them are Possessed?
I believe so ,especially when irrational hatred is directed towards decent priests like Fr John Gallagher , Fr Haley, Fr Hoatson and so many others.

Thursday, January 23, 2020
"Deranged Bishop Attacks Whistleblower Priest"

"TX Bishop Wanted to Torture and Murder Priest"

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Susan. Last Sunday, we were subjected to video torture as we were forced to watch a smiling, gesturing, Bishop Barbarito tell us al what a wonderful diverse diocese we live in Palm Beach County.

As he steadfastly continued to hide his pectoral cross from our view, he reminded us of just how lucky we are to be able to feed, clothe, and welcome the stranger etc.

O, and he didn't say one word about Salvation or Sanctification or how the single most important action on earth any day is the Holy Holocaust/Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and so his appeal for ABS to support The Bishops Annual Appeal fell upon deaf ears.

If one is gonna support Masonry, one may as well give directly to The Masons and cut out the Bishop middlemen.