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Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Blasphemy Goes On: Pachamama Goes Mainstream, Is She the Intercessor for the New Age Church?

Here's the Christmas greeting from Franciscans International.  Read more at LifeSiteNews. We are now being offered Pachamama as an intercessor, one equal to Mary perhaps?

Did you think the Amazon Synod was an isolated event honoring paganism and its equality with the Catholic faith?


Pachamama is being introduced into the mainstream. She is popping up in many places. She's taking the place of Elizabeth in the Christmas message above, but will she be taking the place of Mary as well? In view of the emphasis these days on protecting the earth, while babies in the womb get short shrift, I'd say the answer is yes. Pachamama will no doubt start giving apparitions to warn people to recycle and consume less. Forget the rosary and penance! That was for the old, rigid Church.

In late October following the Synod, the Italian bishops mission organization published a prayer to Pachamama in their official booklet. Read that again! They published a PRAYER TO A PAGAN GODDESS interceding for her help. It was one of three prayers in the booklet, the others being to the Most Holy Trinity and a prayer/poem attributed to Ghandi. Note: there was no prayer invoking Mary's intercession for the indigenous people, only Pachamama. Is she the New Eve for the New Age? See more here.

In November, a Spanish priest, Father Antoni Fullana Marquès, chaplain and director of the Catalan TV series Humans and vicar of Sant Antoni Maria Claret parish in Ciudadela, hosted a Pachamama Mass putting the naked statuette in front of the altar. See here.

And then there was the invocation to Pachamama at the Vatican's Christmas concert. 

The usual suspects are defending use of the pagan idol, Pachamama, in the Church: Cardinal Schonborn, Cardinal Cupich, Bishop Krautler (who wants Pachamama integrated into Catholic liturgy), Synod organizer Fr. Paul Suess, etc.

Archbishop Vigano called the pope's veneration of Pachamama a "declaration of war on Our Lady." He says Francis seems no longer able to:

contain his impatience with the Immaculate, nor can he conceal it under that seeming and ostentatious devotion which is always in the spotlight of the cameras, while [he] deserts the solemn celebration of the Assumption and the recitation of the Rosary with the faithful, who filled the courtyard of St. Damascene and the upper loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica under St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.
You need to read the letter. Vigano says the Mass is undergoing more modernization including introduction of the word "dew" to replace the Holy Spirit. If this is accurate, I will be done with the Novus Ordo permanently. Here's what the archbishop wrote:
This is a further step in the direction of regression towards the naturalization and immanentization of Catholic worship, towards a pantheistic and idolatrous Novissimus Ordo. The “Dew,” an entity present in the “theological place” of the Amazonian tropics — as we learned from the synodal fathers — becomes the new immanent principle of fertilization of the Earth, which “transubstantiates” it into a pantheistically connected Whole to which men are assimilated and subjugated, to the glory of Pachamama. And here we are plunged back into the darkness of a new globalist and eco-tribal paganism, with its demons and perversions. From this latest liturgical upheaval, divine Revelation decays from fullness to archaism; from the hypostatic identity of the Holy Spirit we slide towards the symbolic and metaphorical evanescence proper to dew which masonic gnosis has long made its own.
I looked up the Masonic meaning of dew. According to the book, The Hidden Secret Power of Freemasonry by Robert Kalian, dew is among the major tenets of Freemasonry. It's symbolic meaning is "instruction, which prepares man for the acquisition of wisdom." (source) But whose wisdom? The serpent urged Eve to lust after the wisdom and power of God. I fear that we are in the hands of a pope who not only hates and disparages Our Lady, but hates God and His laws which he dismisses with a snap of the fingers. Pachamama appears to be the mother of the new church for the new world order. The mask is off and the full press assault on the faith is more and more obvious.

Read Archbishop Vigano's full letter or watch this video where the letter is read.

Somebody needs to start a new website -- Pachamama Watch. The Church is sinking into paganism led by the pope himself. Is the Great Apostasy, a sign of the imminence of the end times, in progress. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church 675-677.) Is Jesus returning soon (whatever that means)? People in troubled times have believed that before, and I claim no special gift for prophecy, but I believe we are in the worst time in history for the people of God. 

Let's face it, we are all in the end times of our own lives every day. Who knows if today we'll meet Our Lord? So it behooves us all to act like Jesus is coming back for us today. We'd better be listening to Him! "If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts." Hebrews 3:15.

Have you been to confession lately? It's a great way to begin a new Anno Domini and stay sane in the era of apostasy!


Chriss Rainey said...

A few years ago when the Church made a correction of the correction of the translation of the original Novus Ordo, the wording changed to include in Eucharistic Prayer II the word "dewfall."

Is this the same "dew"? If so why has this never been questioned before? Has it been because at the time we did not know there would be a Bergoglio? Did not know there would be full blown earth worship in the Church? Did not ever consider we would have a Jesuit communist in the chair of Peter?

Well, WE may not have known, but I suspect certain people did know and have been laughing behind our backs all the while.

We have been deceived.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Approach on "tiptoes? Whatever does that mean? Reminds me of Tiny Tim...and I don't mean from the Christmas Carol. I mean this:

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Actually that quote about tiptoes makes me laugh -- reminds me of Tiny Tim and his ukulele. Maybe he was a Franciscan. For those too young to remember him you can check him out at

badass bernie said...



In his 2016 message for the celebration of World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Pope Francis called on Catholics to have an “ecological conversion” and go to confession for sins of not being respectful of creation, giving examples of examination of conscience such as “avoiding the use of plastic and paper,” “separating refuse,” and “turning off unnecessary lights.”

The concept of “ecological sin” was formally introduced to the Church at the October, 2019 Pan-Amazonian Synod.

IS THE POPE CATHOLIC??????????????????????????????????

Not turning off unnecessary lights is a sin??? Is it a mortal sin or a venial sin?

From the sublime to the ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has this been put on the Catholic Church

liturgical calendar yet???????????????????

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the links, BB. We live in an age when rational thinkers are demonized and the delusional are celebrated. Aren't we all eagerly awaiting the USCCB's annual Lenten suggestions that replace the traditional prayer, fasting, and almsgiving with suggestions for protecting the environment? No doubt recycling and conserving water by not showering will make the list. Defending unborn babies from ending up in our nation's landfills and sewer system will get the cricket treatment!