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Friday, January 31, 2020

Two Bits of Bad News from Balmy Bishops!

Pray for Archbishop Bernard Hebda who has a
mess in his diocese with St. Joan of Arc parish.

From the "Good Grief" file! 

Archbishop Bernard Hebda just threw one of his priests under the bus for stating facts about Islam -- i.e., that its ultimate goal is conquest. 

Fr. Nick VanDenBroeke, in a sensible and charitable homily, preached that allowing unlimited immigration from a religion/political ideology that demands conversion to Islam is a threat to the United States. He is absolutely right -- not, however, politically correct. So he got the call from the chancery and apologized while the myth that Islam is a religion of peace vs. a religion/political system of domination and persecution continues.


Now let's look at the real scandal Bishop Hebda has in his diocese -- the on-going horrors occurring at St. Joan of Arc parish (SJA). Several photos below are from Palm Sunday in 2008 before Hebda took over the diocese (Francis named him administrator in June 2015 and he was installed as archbishop in 2016), illustrating that he clearly inherited an extremely SICK parish. The pictures were taken by a parishioner DURING THE 2008 Liturgy, although I believe the puppet show is like a preface before Mass actually begins! SJA is advertising a repeat of this sideshow in their January 26th bulletin accompanied by one of the photos from the 2008 event.
Our Family Lenten Program Is Back! Each year, we partner with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre to create a unique production of Jesus’ last days to be presented before both Family Masses on Palm Sunday, April 5. Come for Soup Supper and stay for evenings of fun and learning for all ages! Five nights during Lent (March 4, 11, 18 & 31 & April 4) participants will make masks, prepare and rehearse for the play, and reflect on Lent guided by SJA staff and In the Heart of the Beast artists. To register for the project, contact Gabrielle at We ask a $10 fee/person or $25/family. Can You Help with Our Play? For our Palm Sunday play with In the Heart of the Beast, we need donations of large (2’ x 2’ and larger), clean pieces of cardboard and newspaper. If you can help, please contact Gabrielle at Thanks!
Let's see -- which one of these is the priest, Fr. James Cassidy?

Being a parishioner at SJA truly is being "in the heart of the beast" or perhaps, more aptly, in the belly of the beast. The parish is an on-going scandal. Their GLBT (sick sic) group regularly attends the local PRIDE parade, magnifying the scandal with banners announcing the parish's support. Keep in mind that PRIDE is a political term that champions coming out as an active homosexual living the perverted and depraved homosexual lifestyle. It's a celebration if sodomy! 

And here are SJA's compatriots from the belly of the beast.

SJA staff participates in the PRIDE event.  JP Fitzgibbons is the Receptionist, Baptism Coordinator, Sacramental Records. Julie Madden is Peace and Justice Ministry Director. See parish website.
And here's the bulletin announcement for their speaker on February 9, 2020. 

Speaker Fr. James Martin Video

Sunday, February 9, 2020 -
9:00am to 10:00am

Radical Welcome in the Catholic Church with Fr. James Martin, SJ, American Jesuit priest, writer, and editor-atlarge of the Jesuit magazine, America. Please join SJA as we experience Fr. Martin's pastoral advocacy for a Church that embodies welcome, inclusion, and love. We will have a pre-mass recorded message at our Gym Masses and at 1pm a Skype conversation with Fr. Martin in the gym. All are welcome!  If you're not familiar with Fr. Martin, check out this article in The National Catholic Reporter
And the bulletin announcement (January 26th) for the event:
Sunday, February 9: Presider: Fr. Cassidy. Fr. James Martin, SJ, noted author and leader in our church, will have a recorded message for us in the morning, followed by a Skype interview in the gym following the 11am mass! We have asked him to talk about welcome - and what that means for us as a church. Make plans to be with us for this conversation.
Isn't it encouraging to realize that Fr. Martin doesn't have to be physically present to scandalize Catholics? Although, I have to say SJA seems to be so far gone they may be beyond scandal. They appear to be in schism or maybe they just follow the "Francis magisterium."

If all this isn't enough to make your skin crawl, watch the video below of "Ellie" Krug, a transgender man who found "my truth." He spoke at SJA last April. It's a head-shaking presentation where he presents himself as a hero for "transitioning." 

He's right about one thing. He sacrificed his wife and daughters so he could be "authentic." He made the deliberate decision to break his wife's heart and scandalize his children. Like it or not, he's a man. He isn't "authentic" at all. For whatever reason, he is in total denial of his authentic nature made in the image and likeness of God AS A MAN. Every cell in his body identifies him as a man. Long hair, dresses, jewelry, and makeup can't turn him into a her. His life as a woman is a lie. And for Bishop Hebda to allow this parish to continue with their poisonous actions while transgenders and gay activists scandalize the littlest lambs in his flock is horrifying! Please pray for Krug as he dresses up his disorder in glittery words like "authentic" and "compassionate" and implies his personal choices are the same as intrinsic racial characteristics that result in discrimination. It's a subtle (and not-so-subtle) maneuver used by homosexual/transgender activists who claim God "made me that way." (If you've ever seen the Tom Hanks film Philadelphia you've seen amazingly effective gay propaganda! It's a brilliant strategy to sell a lie that's been incredibly successful.)

This parish needs closing. There's something seriously wrong when a bishop disciplines a priest for speaking the truth about the dangers of Islam, but allows the on-going scandal of a schismatic parish like St. Joan of Arc! For more on SJA go to Complicit Clergy

TAKE ACTION: Contact Archbishop Hebda via phone or email and ask him to close St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis

And now for my second balmy bishop who is on record wanting to put the wolves in charge of the sheepfold!

Bishop Barron’s call for hierarchy to police Catholic media is a recipe for disaster

I am not a big fan of Robert Barron although he's done some good work on Church history that I readily acknowledge. But can you imagine the impact of Cardinal Blase Cupich, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Bishop Robert McElroy, and others of their ilk exercising discipline over Catholic media in their respective dioceses? Do you think they would require Fr. James Martin to adhere to a mandatum?

To be fair to Bishop Barron, it sounds like he is only talking about those who present themselves as teachers and theologians, but really, aren't all baptized Catholics called to be evangelists? Can anyone really believe that our "hapless bench of bishops" will exercise such a task for the good of Holy Mother Church? Or would they use it as one more cudgel to beat up on orthodox Catholics defending the faith? I think our experience since Dallas gives the answer.

Work hard to defend the faith and pray harder!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.


  1. Now if the priest preached for unlimited immigration into the USA , the Bishop might have recommended he be elevated.

  2. Great article, strong and truthful. May the Archbishop put a quick end to these disgusting anti-Catholic antics.