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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Biden Motorcade vs Trump Motorcade

All the news polls say that Biden is leading. (Hahahah!)
Judge for yourselves.


  1. We nevertheless cannot be complacent. Trump needs an *overwhelming* majority to combat all the fraud and the claims that he stole the election.

  2. Absolutely right on the mark rohrbachs! We need such a turnout that there is no way they can keep up with throwing ballots out!!!

  3. As Lenin said, "It's not the man that votes that counts, ... It's the man that counts the votes." Pray unceasingly for divine intervention into the diabolical plans of men to steal this election. Godspeed,
    Mike Hadro

  4. I suggest everyone pin a card on your mask that says "vote created equal". Wear it everywhere you have to outside of mass. This gets past the man trump to the fundamental truth he promotes.