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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Will the Real Misogynist Please Stand Up!

Scratch your head. Trump gets attacked all the time by the mainstream media as a man who doesn't respect women. But who's his press secretary, his public face on so many TV screens? The beautiful and articulate Kayleigh McEnany. Who was his previous press secretary and campaign manager for 2016? Kellyanne Conway. ( 

Donald Trump gives women important positions. They obviously respect him. I've never seen President Trump sniffing a woman's hair, fondling a little girl, or inappropriately touching an adult woman like Joe Biden does...and does...and does again. 

But how is Biden treated? With a laugh about good ole Uncle Joe. Elbert Guillory points out the hypocritical, two-faced approach to Republicans by the media who cover over and over and over again for "creepy Joe." (


Joe Biden's made some of the most inappropriate, crass comments ever! Do you remember what he said to the dad of Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods, killed during the Benghazi attack (when our guys were abandoned by Barrack and Joe)? The comment was so disgusting I won't print it, and it enraged Tyrone's dad. You need to remember Benghazi! Watch the movie Thirteen Hours. The Obama/Biden administration totally abandoned our people there including Ambassador Chris Stevens who died a miserable death, while Biden's chief went to bed to be fresh for a fundraiser. That's what Democrats do! That's foreign policy if Biden wins. "Me first" is their motto whether it's engaging in groping activities with women and young girls or lying and committing plagiarism to advance your career. Biden's never worked an honest day in his life and he's been a liar and a thief from his youth.

So remember when they're harping about Trump's ego or his attitude toward women, who really places women in important positions. And if you're slinging mud at the president about women...remember that Joe Biden is an adulterer who was cavorting with Jill while she was still married and sniffs and gropes little girls in plain sight which illustrates a monumental arrogance and ego that dwarfs Tump's. 

In this month of the most Holy Rosary of Our Lady, let's pray for the election. It may be the most important in the history of our republic!


  1. I read that Joe Biden would walk around naked in the VP mansion in the middle of the night. And that one of his secret service men, would not let Biden go near his wife during some sort of function.

  2. They don't call him "Creepy Joe" for nothing! ;^)