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Thursday, October 1, 2020

So...Who Won the Presidential Debate? The BIGGEST LOSER was Chris Wallace! If Biden Wins the Election, WE ALL LOSE!

George Bellows: Dempsey and Firpo 1923 Trump and Biden 2020

Now, this is interesting!

The metaphor in this next article is exactly right. They were slugging it out with the "ref" taking a few punches on the champ as well. 

And now for a look at the biased "ref," Chris Wallace. A journalist's job is to be neutral in his actions even if he not personally neutral in his preferences. Chalk Wallace's performance up as a catastrophic fail! He showed what a hack he is as he shilled for Biden the Buffoon.

Even Wallace's FOX associate, Brian Kilmeade, recognizes the bias. (Hard to miss!) 
And finally, this sobering view of what will happen if Biden wins. He's a "puppet in the hands of those thirsting for power." His handlers are preparing the new world order to control us all. If you don't get it read The Lord of the Rings.


Susan Matthiesen said...

Latinos like macho men. Trump is an Alpha male and compared to Puppet Joe Biden, President Trump is a roaring lion, full of vigor and not backing away from anything or anyone. Therefore, it isn't surprising that 66% of Latinos polled thought President Trump won.

Archbishop Vigano is, of course, correct. In addition, no matter how appeasing the leftist Bishops and Cardinals have been to the Left over the past several decades, they are still Catholics and will be killed along with the rest of us. They have thought that by betraying Christ they would be spared persecution. The fools. They gained nothing with their cloying sickening capitulation to the Left.

Kathleen1031 said...

This is how it always is, and Republicans never seem to learn to demand a neutral moderator. There has to be, on this planet, someone who knows the issues but can question in a fair and impartial manner. Liberals have proven they can't do it, and they always get the gig. And it always ends up this way. Chris Wallace doesn't realize his bias and hatred of Trump is obvious, none of these people do. They live in the bubble, and they know no one outside of it. To them, all Republicans are far-right lunatic fringe, whatever that is. But I see how it is, the far-right lunatic fringe is looking more and more right about things as we go on.
Trump won the debate, because he is a man so uniquely qualified for this moment in time, he makes other men look like department store dummies. Democrats will vote for Joe Biden. They needed a white guy in a suit and they got one. They'll shove him out of the way the first week. He probably knows it, indeed, he already said it's a Harris/Biden ticket.
Everybody's made up their minds already. Please God, give America another chance, don't let us implode under the Demo-Comms. Give Americans enough common sense to put this amazing man in office for one more round. We know the DemoComms are going to go nuts, but we'll risk it. Thwart their cheating.
Americans have had 4 years to watch him, his presidential decisions have been decidedly measured, there need be no fear he is brash in office. He's made sound executive decisions, and avoided embroiling us in wars and conflicts. If he were out of control, that would be the big worry, but in 4 years, he's done a great job and found a pretty sweet spot in almost everything. Besides, he loves America and Americans. We've got somebody tough on our side. What's wrong with that.

Kathleen1031 said...

Archbishop Vigano always speaks with a prophetic voice. We should pay attention to him.