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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Random thoughts and interesting articles! From Melania, to Chris Wallace, to our Great Red States!

I love Melania Trump and after CNN's hit job, like so many have said, I love her even more! Can't even blame her for the bad language. The media continually spray her and the president with putrid sludge hoping they can get something to stick. They even go after their minor son Barron. The MSM's shameless behavior inspires anger and contempt, and Melania can be excused for expressing a little of both in her "private" conversations with her "friend." Listen to the phone calls! She loves the president and she loves our country. God bless you, Melania.

Check out the hit job that makes Melania look good!

Chris Wallace looks like a bad comedian these days. He blames his pathetic debate performance on Trump. We can change the old slogan, "The devil made me do it!" to "Trump made me do it." In view of the fact that Biden claimed Trump is to blame for every single Wuhan death in the U.S., I'd say lyin' Joe's got the mantra down pat. Cuomo and the other governors who forced nursing homes to take sick patients back into the nursing homes (40% of U.S. deaths were in long term care facilities) aren't to blame because, "Trump made them do it!" Gosh, he's so powerful he makes the sun rise.

Chris Wallace’s Debate Performance Was Absolutely Disgraceful

The media always talk about "science" but, instead of listening to Trump's medical team, the "scientific experts," they are passing on rumors of the president's condition from an anonymous source spamming the press pool inboxes. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic and so typical of the lying mainstream media!

Press Needs Treatment for Anonymous Source Addiction as They Ignore the Medical Experts Treating President Trump

Want high unemployment and a terrible economy? Vote Blue. Blue states are a disaster. If Biden/Harris win, they will work to mandate that the entire country go blue and they'll use Supreme Court packing to make sure it happens. When the Democrats legislate through both Congress and the court, WATCH OUT!

Pray for the president's return to health and for his re-election in November. The country is in serious trouble. I leave you with this final thought from Gerhard Cardinal Mueller:

“I don’t support a candidate in Germany because he is Catholic, but because he has the right understanding of life and human rights. It is better to vote for a good Protestant than for a bad Catholic.” (Source)
There is no question that Biden is a bad Catholic. His position for the murder of children through all nine months of pregnancy is sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. The same with his approval and even acting as the minister of same-sex marriage. His actions are a grave public scandal that prohibit him under canon law from receiving Holy Communion. It's time for Catholic clergy to speak the truth with boldness. Any Catholic who votes for Joe Biden commits a mortal sin and excludes him or herself from Communion! That's the truth and it extends to any other Democrat politician who endorses and promotes the murder of the innocent! 

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