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Friday, October 9, 2020

Well FINALLY! A Catholic Diocese Sues the State Over Wuhan Tyranny. As for the pope's new doc....

Diocese of Brooklyn sues New York over new Mass restrictions

Well... it's about time. Catholics cold be forgiven for thinking our bishops just plain don't care if we never have a live Mass again. Some dioceses shut down before governor Mass wreckers went to work dismantling the constitutional protection of religion. It was the Protestants and Jews  (and a few SSPX priests) standing up for religious rights. Let's hope lawsuits against the state tyrants proliferate!

Meanwhile, the chief religion wrecker within the Church is busy again. Pope Francis' new encyclical declares that capital punishment is "inadmissable" and he's changed the catechism to suit his views. Big problem is that the Church has always recognized the obligation of the state to protect the innocent and the common good which, sad to say, sometimes means executing those who are an ongoing threat. 

If no one can ever be executed how does one protect prisoners in the penal system and the guards? Since Francis also opposes life sentences without parole (and even long sentences) and says executions are worse than the crime committed, he seems to dismiss the rights of the innocent to protection. Was executing the Nazi war criminals who killed millions of people worse than their crimes? That conclusion defies reason!

The Church has never taught that capital punishment is intrinsically evil, unlike abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Those who try to make those comparisons are totally off base. Catholic World Report has posted an article from last year evaluating the pope's position. It's long but well worth reading.

Three questions for Catholic opponents of capital punishment

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