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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Meditation: Take a virtual visit to Fatima

The documentary with Ricardo Montalban is one of the best films on Fatima that I've ever seen. It doesn't have all the most recent information, but is a great place to begin to understand the Fatima mysteries! Watch the whole thing!

Since this is the month of the holy rosary, as well as the month of the last apparition of Mary to the children of Fatima, why not take a virtual visit to the little village. Most of us will never walk in the footsteps of the little seers, but we can all go their in spirit and be present at the miracle of the sun witnessed by over 70,000. Both believers and scoffers swelled the crowds on that miserable rainy day which made the miracle all the more amazing. After the miracle all the people soaked to the skin were dry and clean. I think that's a metaphor for the power of grace. If you haven't been to confession in awhile, why not make a plan. 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


elpine flower said...

Well some of us have been praying the Rosary and have done First Saturdays because Our Holy Mother is allowing us to see the Communist infiltration of our government.

Lou Dobbs interviewed Rudy Giuliani this week on the three hard drives Hunter Biden left in a computer in a Delaware computer repair shop.They have been confirmed as Hunter Biden's revealing the Biden family corruption in collusion with the COMMUNIST CHINESE and RUSSIANS. Also the FBI has had these hard drives as have the CIA . Some of the pictures on the computer show him having sex with UNDERAGE girls.

Tonight watch LIFE, LIBERTY and Levine at 9PM on FOX . Levine will interview Giuliani on this same story that the media and Pelosi are suppressing.

EXPLOSIVE < especially since many have already voted early for Biden

elpine flower said...


Our Holy Mother's prayers have revealed for us just how badly the Biden Presidency would be open to Communist Blackmail.