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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Nobody is asking you to like Trump or have a beer with him.
It's about policies and the future of our Constitutional Republic!

I just read an article that ended like this. 
Everybody needs to get beyond “I don’t like Trump and wouldn’t have a beer with him” to “If Trump loses, this place becomes Venezuela:” 
AOC and The Squad will lead domestic policy as the filibuster goes bust, DC and Puerto Rico become states and permanently add four Dems to the Senate, SCOTUS gets packed, taxes soar $4 trillion, police get defunded, criminals run loose, everything becomes racist, females wield penises, men sport vaginas, the Green New Deal rusts the economy, a resurrected Iran-nuclear deal unshackles the Ayatollahs, rockets rain on Israel, Putin stomps through Eastern Europe, and the East is Red under Xi Jinping.


If you want to grab a beer, stop staring at the White House and call your best friend.

Do we want to remain Americans or become Venezuelans?

That’s the choice we face.

It’s that simple.

Full stop. one is asking you to like Trump or his brash and vulgar style. But do you really want to live in a socialist "paradise" like the third-world dictatorships with their empty store shelves and long lines? That's what happened in Venezuela. It's what happened in Cuba. The Democrats tell you everything is free! Free health care, free college. In a way they're telling the truth. Just look at the violence in our cities. The rioters and looters have walked away with lots of "free" stuff. Of course, that ends when all the businesses are shuttered and no one will put up even a gumball machine in your community. But, hey, if you want to believe in the socialist Utopia offered by AOC and company, it's a free country. Of course it won't be for long. Socialists show us how much they respect the rule of law. First come the socialists...then come the gulags. It's your choice on election day.

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