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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Another One Bites the Dust! No Wonder We Don't Trust the USCCB!

Janet Smith has an article at Crisis about one of the highest ranking priests at the USCCB who just resigned when his "private" life was exposed. (I use the word "exposed" deliberately. 

The Limits of a Priest’s Right to Privacy

Note the priest's position. It's almost funny. The man using an app to "hook up" with other men looking for sex with other men (Any man will do.). was in charge of....wait for it...."overseeing sex abuse cases." 

Really! You can't make this stuff up. 

It sounds like an article at the Babylon Bee. Satire these days takes a back seat to ludicrous reality!

And now...the big question: how many at the USCCB knew exactly what this man was up to. He goes to the bishops' meetings. He travels around the country, presumably with other staffers. He goes off for a night of whoopee at gay bars and the local park. No one had an inkling about his double life or the the irony of him being the overseer of sex abuse? Oh...but of course he was engaging with other consenting adults, so what's the problem? "Oh gosh, it's just Jeffy being Jeffy."

Am I surprised? We've seen the lax standards of the USCCB. They're riddled with Democrats who probably make jokes about Hunter Biden's laptop. Maybe Fr. Jeff's "private" immoral life was the unspoken "secret" whispered about around the coffee machine with a wink and a chuckle. After all, the USCCB has been corrupt and riddled for years with pro-abortion Democrats who use the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) as a cash cow to fund intrinsic evils condemned by the Church. Michael Hichborn has been a hero uncovering the USCCB's corruption and their many, many high-level Democrats operating like termites

So this is just one more ho-hum that causes me to repeat the mantra.


Stop pumping buckets of money, donated by the faithful, to finance this scam. Stop funding their annual Fall jam fest at a cushy Baltimore hotel. Stop enabling their phony-baloney statements on homosexuality and racism and economics.

Let the shepherds stay with their sheep back home and spend our money advancing the corporal works of mercy and spreading the faith at the local level. 

Not one red cent for the bishops' bureaucracy. Support your parish by designating your donation for parish maintenance or another way to avoid the parish tax. Heck...put it in the candle box! Stop enabling this stuff by supporting the USCCB tax. CUT THEM OFF!

And pray for the bishops. That's a tithe they really need!


newguy40 said...

Demonic. I've had such sour feelings and anger directed at the churchmen since pachamama was placed in the altar. The image of pachamama monstrance made me sick. I can only conclude that demons are running wild. An old confessor of mine used to remind me about the fact that we're not battling just human weakness and original sin but "thrones and dominions".

I try to say acts of reparation every time I see this stuff.

Candidly, I should not even be commenting as it tends to aggravate my personality.

M. Prodigal said...

WOW! He was checking the perv site daily even during travels, at the office, during meetings and so forth. A highly addicted sodomite sex addict. And overseeing sex abuse cases!!!! Yeah, the fox guarding the hen house. And he used to be at the North American College which is also rife with perversion and there are lawsuits about that. We had a young priest who went to the NAC. He did not like anyone over 30 at all. Was moody. Not a spiritual father in any sense at all. When covid struck, this fearful young priest never entered the church again and was thankfully transferred last June. I cannot help but wonder about his experience at the NAC. It used to be that bishops would send their best and brightest there but now if they have the misfortune to go, they may be propositioned or seduced. As one writer put it: the vatican and much of the hierarchy are nothing more than a gay crime syndicate.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Righteous anger is not a bad thing, New Guy. Choose a good channel for it -- a respectful letter to your bishop about your concerns over whatever is going on in your diocese. I sometimes channel my anger into letters to my grandchildren with articles about the faith asking the Holy Spirit and St. Ann, patron of grandmothers, to help me say just what they need to hear.

God bless you for getting angry. Too many people think the devil is stand up comic and that Jesus is the Pillsbury Dough Boy waiting to give us all cinnamon buns on Judgement Day.

jmbutk said...

And whatever happened with the Msgr. Rossi “investigation”?

Nothing to see here………move along…….

knldgskr said...

I make payments directly to the Parish's fuel oil company. For the Bishop's Annual Appeal I put 9 pennies in the envelope with a note "Not one dime for you to waste."

oidwinds said...