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Friday, July 16, 2021

We Knew It Was Just a Matter of Time: Pope Francis Abrogates Universal Permission for TLM...

We'll get those traditionalist clergy 
and their little lambs too!
It's like a soap opera: As the World of Bergoglio and the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) Turns.


Complete abrogation of the TLM by the pope and his minions at the Vatican? Won't James Martin smile!

Alert! FSSP, Canons of Christ the King, Canons of the New Jerusalem, etc. You are on the enemies list. Get ready for the chopping block!

Alert! SSPX and your flock, get ready for excommunication!

See the LifeSiteNews article. Here's a bit:
Amongst the new restrictions, the Pope affords new power to diocesan bishops, effectively giving them the ability to stamp out centers where the Traditional Mass is being offered.

Describing Latin Mass attendees with the peculiar phrase, “these groups of the faithful,” Francis orders bishops to ensure that no further groups are allowed to grow dioceses.

The local bishops are to additionally decide “whether or not to retain” the parishes which are currently offering the Traditional Mass. The sting is in the final directive in the Pope’s text, in which he appears to abrogate Summorum Pontificum, with the words: “Previous norms, instructions, permissions, and customs that do not conform to the provisions of the present Motu Proprio are abrogated.”

The new motu proprio is shocking. Read it here.  It both limits the bishops' ability to support the TLM (the few who do) and also gives new ammunition to the bad bishops to suppress it. The universal right to say the TLM according to Pope Benedict now requires not only the permission of the local bishop, but the bishop must consult with the Holy See. do you think that will turn out? 

Anita Moore's V for Victory blog was predicting this in early June. It didn't take a prophet to recognize what was coming. One of the reasons my husband and I decided to stay with the SSPX mission after our diocese re-opened was the recognition that such a move by the pope was likely. 

Never fear, little flock!
God raised up Archbishop Lefebvre for this moment. I believe one day he will be canonized and made a doctor of the Church. In the meantime, Francis operates the wrecking ball, but he can never defeat the Holy Spirit. As for the poor Bride of Christ, Holy Mother Church, she is the battered wife of evil clerics. (Not the first time in history!)

Take heart! God only allows evil to bring about good. Keep the faith and never let discouragement drive you out of the Church of the apostles which has survived over the millennia despite a long procession of bad popes. She is still there covered with all the filth of our modern Sanhedrin. Pray, hope, and don't worry, but add some serious penance.


newguy40 said...

It's a tough one for sure. I've only read some of the summaries. I've been at a local SSPX chapel for ~4 years now. Amazing this lands on the Feast of Carmel. I wear the brown scapular too.

dxv515 said...

Alert! SSPX and your flock, get ready for excommunication!???

What are going on about?

Where do you get that those who attend the SSPX chapels will be excommunicated?

Aqua said...

Arbp LeFebvre stood strong within Church Tradition to the face of the Pope himself, confident in his faith that transcends time and place. I stand with him.

Jesus Christ - first, middle, last; and Holy Mother Church which is unified with every generation that ever was and ever will be, unchanging because She is perfect.

I highly recommend this book, from the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, who peels back the fog of conflict and connects the confused Faithful to the pure water of Sacred Tradition as it relates to the conflicts of our day.

CorneliusG said...

I assist at the Diocesan (Arlington) TLM. I wonder what the Bishop will do. At the very least he is supposed to move the Mass off parish grounds. If he ends the TLM, then I'll go to the SSPX Mass in Upper Marlboro, MF.

Mary Kay said...

Thank you!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

dxv515 -- Do you think it's impossible? The pope wants the Latin Mass in the Roman Rite gone. The Motu Proprio is a strike on the bow. Do you really think it's the last? He's now limited the increase of Latin Mass parishes and is limiting the right of new priests to say the TLM. What's next? He's suppressed a number of orthodox orders already. Suppression of the Latin Mass orders seems to be the next logical step. what after that -- going after the only TLM left -- SSPX. I hope I'm wrong, but when you see an out-of-control train racing down the track, it's not hard to see there's a likely disaster ahead! What do you think is coming next? Wine, chocolates, and roses?

LaurelMaryCecilia said...

Right on, Mary Ann........ expecting anything else from Bergolio is strangely naive.........

Aqua said...

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if excommunication followed in the train of this evil “Motu Proprio”. The schism is obvious between Sacred Tradition and the Vatican II usurper. The occupier of the See of Rome will do what he must do to enforce his will against those who stand opposed to profanation of the holy, the true, the eternal. I expect it, no less than my hero Arbp LeFebvre, who took it like a man in defense of his children. Here is what he said, in defense of he act (ordination of SSPX Bishops to sustain the Holy Society after his passing) that led to his own personal “excommunication”, at the end of his life, in defense of ignorant people like me who weren’t even Catholic at the time:

“When God calls me, no doubt before long, from whom would these seminarians receive the sacrament of Holy Orders? I cannot, in good conscience leave them orphaned. If it is my duty, I will consecrate bishops.”

- Marcel Lefebvre

Patrick PA said...

When I found the Latin Mass back in 2015 from the 1st time I attended I was in aWe of the reverence toward oOur Lord. I left the NO mass as I could not take it anymore. Then by the grace of God I found the SSPX. I knew in my heart back then that I always thought the SSPX was the true resistance and guided by the Holy Spirit. I am now more convinced that the Archbishop is truly a Saint. Bring it in Bergoglio as You sir are an anathema.

Dymphna said...

I go to a parish TLM. If the Mass has to be moved off parish grounds then where can it be? If we rent a funeral home chapel or hotel how soon before the order goes out that Father can't leave the parish to say Mass?

newguy40 said...

I'll mention this here as I've done on a couple other sites.

A few years ago, my bishop pushed the TLM community to a Catholic cemetery where Sunday Mass occured in the ossuary. It was hot, no kneelers but it was also packed with young and old folks. The TLM preist was a very very strong man spirtually yet a very gentle confessor. God will help us find a way. If we have to go to the catacombs we will, if we have to go back out to the forests like the Irish, we will.
This is a time of winnowing of the chaff. I wont look at the Cathlib gloating. It's the noise of animals.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Bergoglio is acting ultra vires.

He does not have the authority to abrogate a sacred rite that was for so long the normative rite and which rite sanctified countless numbers of saints. In trying to do that he calls into question the truth about The Communion of Saints for if the Real Mass is a source of division then he has called into question how it is they could have been sanctified by such an inadequate rite.

Bergoglio should be thanked for forcing the choice on the vast majority of Catholics;

Will they choose to stand with the Light of Sacred Tradition or will they choose to stand in the darkness with Bergoglio?

Aqua said...

newguy40: I may have experienced Mass in that same cemetery ossuary myself. I may well know the Priest, spiritually strong man, gentle confessor. I’m quite certain I know exactly what and who you refer to - a space provided due to extreme limitations placed on our thriving congregation. And I couldn’t agree more. The limitations imposed actually strengthened us all spiritually. There were a few times (assuming we are talking of the same chapel) when I sat with my family to the side in the front row. Sitting and kneeling there (on the granite floor) I was literally within just a few short feet of the Priest saying Mass and I could see him from the side normally hidden - every facial movement and hand gesture. I count those as the most privileged moments of worship in my experience.

BTW, I totally agree with your conclusion and optimism - God will help us find a way. And as with the hilltop ossuary where we were crammed together in close proximity to our Priest and God Himself - it all worked out then and it will again.

Dymphna said...

I heard this morning that the TLM at my parish will not be allowed anymore.