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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is Church Militant covering up for Rebecca Carroll?

Update: Christine Niles is crowing on her Twitter page:

For the record, I've never heard of Rebecca Mavie Carroll. I confirmed she has never counseled Hannah, and she has never met or spoken with Jassy. The entire thesis of this piece crumbled in a matter of minutes - through simple fact checking.

I laughed when I saw this. I think Susan scored a hit which is why we got the threat. The thesis of the piece didn't "crumble" at all. As for Niles "fact checking" .... anyone who's seen her stories is familiar with how she uses half-truths to twist and spin. What makes her the filter for these three women? Is she their lawyer? Would they swear to these things in a deposition under oath? More to come. 

Below is the Post that replaced Susan's original post. Christine Niles may be crowing a little too soon. 

The replacement post:

I've taken Susan's article down (at least temporarily) while I study her documentation. I also changed the title slightly. The article alleged that Rebecca Carroll is the counselor of Jassy Jacas and Hannah Merz who accused Fr. Pierre Duverger of nothing criminal, but say he was "grooming" them.

Why did I remove the article? Let me explain.

I received a letter earlier today from Christine Niles threatening a lawsuit for defamation if Susan's article wasn't removed "within 24 hours." Niles claims that most of what Susan wrote is "objectively false."

First, a digression. This isn't the first time I've been threatened with a lawsuit. Several incensed individuals went after me for things I've written in the Les Femmes newsletter over the years and I once received a letter from the March of Dimes similar to Niles' letter which also threatened a lawsuit. Additionally, some fellow rescuers and I were sued by an abortion business. Nothing came of any of these threats and we never paid a cent to the abortionist. Niles assures me, however, that:
We demand that this blog post be removed in its entirety within 24 hours. If you fail to do so, you and Ms. Matthiesen will be hearing from our attorney.

And unlike Fr. Pierre Duverger's threats to take legal action against Church Militant, ours are not empty threats.
Wow! This little two-bit blog run by two nobodies (I consider us "gnats for the Lord") apparently touched a sore spot at CM's media empire. 

I always consider these types of threats the action of bullies. I've told the bullies in the past that I'd look forward to discovery. In civil lawsuits, depositions are wide open for questions. It would certainly be interesting to examine CM's financial dealings and relations with Opus Dei, Marc Brammer, and Terry Carroll not to mention the allegations of Jacas and Merz.

Having said that, however, if the article proves to be "objectively false" in large part, I will permanently remove it and apologize. If it's partly rash judgment and partly true, I'll ask Susan to amend it. 

I consider myself responsible for the content of the blog. Although I seldom read Susan's articles before she posts and almost never censor anything she writes, I take responsibility. I don't want to engage in the same type of slander practiced by CM. At this point, however, I'm not convinced that Susan can't back up what she wrote. I will be going over her data with her.

Now, a few comments about Niles' letter. 

1. Niles claims she "never heard of Rebecca Mavie Carroll" and that Carroll has never heard of Jacas and Jacas has never heard of Carroll. (There's no denial about Hannah Merz knowing Carroll.) I will take Niles' denial at face value and presume it's true, unlike Niles herself who uses denials to prove the guilt of her targets. 

That's what she did to Fr. James McLucas, one of CM's alleged predator priests. Despite the fact that Fr. McLucas "vehemently" denied all the charges of sex abuse by his accuser, Niles claimed he only denied having sex with her as a minor. That simply wasn't true! Matt Gaspers did a remarkable job of exposing CM's dishonesty in that particular case. Interestingly, CM used Fr. McLucas to launch one more attack on the SSPX despite the fact that Fr. McLucas is not an SSPX priest. CM claimed the SSPX was "sheltering a sexual predator." The title of the article was posed as a question, but they clearly spun the article so the reader would conclude that the answer was yes. As Gaspers wrote:
Those who read the article and have followed the ensuing social media debate know that the headline was a rhetorical question, since it is obvious that both the author and Church Militant presume guilt on the part of Fr. McLucas, despite a lack of hard evidence (accusations ≠ evidence) and the absence of a guilty verdict from either a diocese or court of law (settlements ≠ admission/finding of guilt). (Both the author and CM also clearly harbor a strong bias against the SSPX, which could be the real motivation behind their efforts – more on this later.) 
2. Niles accuses Susan of "defamatory statements." In view of CM's policy of defaming an ever-expanding group, that accusation is a bit ironic. They've labeled a number of Catholic media groups "frauds" and "spiritual pornographers" and call anyone who supports the SSPX a "pedophile enabler" and member of a "cult." But that apparently is not slander or defamation in their book. Different strokes for different folks and different rules as well.

3. Niles says Terry Carroll isn't a "sugar daddy" for CM as Susan alleged, and that he hasn't contributed to their organization in years. Maybe he ran out of money. The Detroit Free Press carried an article in 2017 with this information describing Carroll's relationship with CM. He was definitely star struck:
[Carroll] was paying for a $10-per-month subscription to Church Militant through Paypal, then at some point there was a problem with the payment system. He called Church Militant to resolve the issue, and he said he indicated it was "almost embarrassing" paying as little as he did per month, Carroll said. A short time later, he received a phone call from Voris.

"It was like getting a call from Paul McCartney," Carroll said. "It was like getting a call from a famous person. I was tongue-tied. It was like a teenager talking to somebody he admired."

They arranged for Carroll to increase his payments, and he became a volunteer, helping answer e-mails from viewers. Through the years, his contributions have reached about $300,000, the most anyone has sent, Voris said.

Carroll said the amount was about 20%-30% of what he and his wife, retired IT professionals, had saved for retirement. They gave $200,000 to help Church Militant with a building purchase — and, in a gift separate from the nonprofit, they paid $30,000-$40,000 to help one of Voris' employees with credit card debt. They also sent $10,000 to an Australian woman they'd never met, who frequently commented on the website and needed help.

 Sure sounds like a "sugar daddy" to me. $300K? That's not pocket change!

At any rate, I have complied with Niles' 24-hour deadline. Now I'm going to bed.


  1. Exactly the reason I canceled my membership with Church Militant....and will never go back. And that's in spite the fact that I've never stepped foot into an SSPX Chapel in my entire life. Not because I'm of the belief (which I'm not) that they are in 'schism' or 'excommunicated' but simply because I am in an area that there are none close to me. CM's very obvious vitriol and hatred for the SSPX has been made clear time and time again, with the latest display being the most violent. Their public display of hatred is obviously not Catholic.....period.

  2. "Their public display of hatred is obviously not Catholic....period". Exactly. Shame on Voris, Niles and any connected with CM.

  3. Rebecca Carroll & Terry Carroll Married? Or relatives? I know Terry Carroll attends FSSP. Is Rebecca Carroll also FSSP? If so I do believe that it is the FSSP that is waging war on the SSPX.

  4. Terry Carroll is FSSP. If Rebecca is related to Terry then she probably attends FSSP as well. It is the FSSP that is at war with the SSPX.

  5. Look you're not publishing my comments.

    Typical woman.

    You have only attended the SSPX for a few short years please have some respect.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I’ve been to Immaculate Conception, Post Falls. It is a large Chapel and at capacity for every Mass - absolutely lovely. Priests celebrate Mass on the side altars during public Mass. The Mass was standard SSPX reverent, the homily orthodox. Two Priests hear confession during Mass. The confessions were orthodox and inspiring. The Church is beautiful. The people are friendly. We were spontaneously approached by a special needs group who invited us to join them. Just a wonderful place staffed by a number of young SSPX priests who spread out to bring Holy Mass to the surrounding hinterlands - this is what they do.

    The devil hates his enemy. The devil loves dissension and gossip. I rather think these Priests are used to attacks - the price of sharing the Cross with Christ, which we are all called to do but especially the Priests of Christ’s Bride; most especially holy orthodox Priests in this day of generalized Church collapse.

    CM credibility is completely shot. The final straw for me was when Voris proclaimed the Holy Traditional Latin Mass “must be destroyed”. Game over.

  8. This reads like a teenage rant - incoherent, poorly constructed, petty, and immature. You expect people to actually believe you? CM does outstanding work, and Christine Niles is a thorough and professional journalist (for realz, not just a blogger), who only cares about victims, and not some made up agenda. Try again -- you aren't going to get anywhere with this one.

  9. Are you serious, dxv?

    You post a comment at 12:02, another at 12:03, and say I'm not posting your comments at 12:05.

    I just had to laugh. I had the nerve to take a visiting granddaughter on an outing and not be glued to the blog.

  10. Just Another Martha: “Try again -- you aren't going to get anywhere with this one.”

    Truer words were never spoken about the CM crusade. Martha, you likely don’t realize how silly your little rant sounds, but I’ve been reading them for some time and yours is in the select category of pathetic.

    I have no doubt that everyone who was a potential customer of the CM video shows has already made their judgements about this topic. As far as I’m concerned CM has completely destroyed every shred of remaining credibility with this insane never-ending rant against SSPX Priests which has now evolved into hatred (at least by its founder) of the Traditional Latin Mass. I no longer care what they have to say.

    CM will continue up to shrink into oblivion. SSPX will continue to protect Tradition and offer the Traditional Mass and Sacraments to the oppressed Faithful. Nothing anyone can say will change that. CM, as a business enterprise, is doomed. SSPX, as a holy Order of the RCC, will continue to thrive by the Grace of God.

    1. Martha's gonna getcha'..."for realz!"

      Niles and CM are covering up lots of dirty laundry of their own.

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  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I received this via email and asked my contact if I could post it. He preferred not to be identified. Who likes to be the target of hate? But he gave me permission to post anonymously:

    Exceptional reporting thank you.

    Extraordinary effort to disclose this fiasco.

    I was wondering where all the money was coming from to keep CM floating.

    Some time ago the Remnant - C. Ferrara wrote a post about the endless invective spewing from Voris against SSPX on abuse allegations (but strategically never against the VII pope or the pedophilia Vatican network) -that included Terry Carroll bankrolling the CM failing operation.

    CM attacks SSPX maliciously to a point where they sacrifice themselves - it never added up. The over- kill did just that killed CM.

    Susan tied the names together and connected the dots.


    Now watch the money disappear from CM .....

    That's the end of CM - Voris - Christine ....

    Carroll's will disappear now that they have been exposed ....

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hannah Merz' profile is on Rebecca Carroll's BeenVerified page. Can Rebecca explain that?

  16. For Christine Niles' information, I'm not anyone's groupie. Good grief. How childish. Is Christine mentally still in high school?

    And the only time I've spoken directly to Fr Duverger was when my friend's husband went with me to ask Fr Duverger to bless my Missal, which he did. Here's the total of what was said:
    ME: "Father, would you please bless my Missal?"
    Fr: "Yes".
    Then he blessed the Missal.
    Me: "Thank you".

    He doesn't even know who I am or what I look like.

  17. @Susan Mathiessen: Imagine the hatred one must have to refer to the relationship between Priest and Parishioner as Cult and Groupie.

    To me this simply indicates the present divide within the Church which are not compatible with each other, not even sharing the same Faith. The unreasoning hate reminds me of my Protestant days where we were tolerant of all error on our “mission field” but emotional hate was reserved for one religion alone in the world - the RCC and all her claimed authority. It became obvious to me the hate indicated weakness and inferiority, error.

    It’s the same here. These people are acting irrationally because facts do not support what they really want and the stone wall of reality is driving them mad.

    Anyway, thanks for the chuckle. Your response was perfect.

  18. This post illustrates why I quit CM years ago. Voris & Co. seem to go out of their way to attack and criticize any person or institution they don't like. They really seem to get uptight about sexual matters. I think that's because of their own sexual hang ups. Voris, who concealed his homosexual past, Niles, who left her husband because she decided, on her own authority, that her marriage wasn't " canonical", and Simon Rafe, who posted a obscene fan fiction story on the internet. It makes me wonder how many other CM people have these kind of "sexual matters" in their background. BTW, CM's headquarters is located right smack dab in the epicenter of the gay community in the Detroit area. It seems odd that a former homo like Gary Michael would have it there. Nearly all accounts of people leaving that lifestyle that I've read, show that they leave such areas to avoid being drawn back into that way of life. Yet Voris has his operation right in such an area? It doesn't add up.

  19. The best antidote to CM is to ignore them - their mouth is moving but I can’t hear the words. Peace and quiet. Nice.

    I suspect their customer base has largely left them for reasons that exclude any hope of future return. The only hope they have is stirring up the emotional pot to get noticed by new customers, curious about the drama.

    CM is cooked; past peak silly into the realm of irrelevance. Christine Niles bullying your tiny little boutique blog demonstrates desperation. I hope most people will just close the door on the silliness and drama and let them produce their funny little videos in peace and solitude.

  20. serves you right.

    you lady bloggers should shut the hell up

    you women converts are a danger to the SSPX

    I don't expect you to publish

    Where's your husband?

  21. Maybe you should take your own advice, dxv515, since you have nothing to say. And what's my husband got to do with it?

  22. MAK: I am almost certain that was meant to be over-the-top irony. Irony, btw, usually only works if it is “over-the-top”.

    Irony (n): “The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect”.

  23. I'm not sure what you're talking about, Aqua. Sometimes I'm a little slow.

  24. This is becoming a bit nutty. Too much useless negativity. Names are popping up from everywhere. Who the hell are these people, and why does it matter?

  25. Mary Ann,

    “I'm not sure what you're talking about, Aqua. Sometimes I'm a little slow.”

    dvx515 made a comment at 10:44 which you responded to at 2:27. It appeared to me that you took him seriously. My reading of him was the comment was meant well and intended as irony. He of course can respond to his own comment, but I took it as humor - my kind of humor and nobody laughs at my jokes either.

    But who knows? The way things are these days …. maybe he’s deadly serious too. Strange times.

  26. What matters, allandan500, is the truth and whether Church Militant is willing to twist and stretch it to achieve their apparent goal of destroying the SSPX.

  27. Mary Ann, a few constructive criticisms if you will (please don't be offended).

    *In your original piece you mention noting the humility and piety of the SSPX Priest and you came to the conclusion that this Priest could not be guilty - or something along those lines. I've found that women usually judge people in this manner - based more upon emotion (generally speaking) and it's a dangerous way of doing so. I teach my teenage daughters to be aware of this if they find themselves letting their guard down to someone they do not know very well. There are plenty of real world criminals who are very charming, humble, charismatic etc.. Our judgments of people should be based upon facts and objectivity, and with charity of course. I'm not talking about the sinful types of judgment such as rash judgment, judging motives, or judging someone's sould which Our Lord condemned. So yes, give Fr. the benefit of the doubt but don't rule out that the offense could've happened based upon your observances alone.

    *The letter from Niles should be taken as just that; a threatening letter. She's boasted of it on her facebook page to the adulation of her followers. I would not have removed your story on account of it unless you had sufficient doubt about the facts in the article. Her letter was a request to remove your post with a threat that you would be hearing from her attorney. If you feel confident in your information I would've waited for the actual letter from their attorney's office and go from there. Despite Nile's statement to the contrary, CM's threat is an empty one. Yes, they will have their attorney's contact you. No, they will not win any kind suit against you nor is it likely that they would even file a suit. Libel cases are tough cases to win and you have to prove substantial monetary damages occurring as a direct result of the libel which is doubtful to have resulted from your post. All this attorney letter stuff is a scare tactic in an attempt to coerce you to action. Nile's being an attorney knows darned well that it's all bark and no bite and it's likely their attorneys would not even follow up with an actual suit. So if you're confident in your information then shine the light upon CM and disregard Nile's empty threat which is completely comical fanfare.

  28. Thanks so much for this, Sancte Alphonsus. Susan wrote the original post. I have no experience with Fr. Duverger. I agree with what you said. I've known several priests who were hiding their homosexuality behind orthodoxy. One even sent Les Femmes a $50 bill in the mail. I suspected at the time that he might have lifted it from the collection basket. He never fooled me and he's long gone from the diocese. Another who is still in the diocese tried to paint his good young associate as a priest with problems. I knew as soon as he did it that he was the bad guy. He made the mistake of having his fru-fru order from a Frederick's of Hollywood type store delivered to the school. What a mess!

    Such challenging times. I just hate to see people railroaded with nothing but he said/she said hearsay from non-credible witnesses.

    Susan and I are talking about reposting the original piece and then doing a separate post responding to each one of Niles' "objectively false" statements. It's pretty incredible to think that there are two separate counselors in view of the close relationship between Carroll and Merz and the fact that the "counselor" put Merz in touch with Jassy Jacas who originally was wary because even Hannah's roommate said she couldn't be trusted. Jassy and Hannah, who are now best buddies on Facebook, both look like women scorned getting their revenge (and attention) on Fr. Duverger at this point. Hannah has a number of rants on her blog which we are downloading.

    For Christine Niles to use these two as her "witnesses" for nothing but imprudence on Fr. Duverger's part at best or alleged "grooming" at worst is rather pathetic. But it is all part of CM's vendetta against the SSPX. Any stick will do even a wet noodle.

  29. So here’s what we do. We laity who support the SSPX have been slandered repeatedly by Niles. We should get a lawayer like Christopher Ferrara to sue her, or threaten a suit if she refuses to retract, for slander. We could make it a large class action law suit. If anyone thinks this is a serious idea, email me at

    - The Okie Traditionalist blogger

  30. Christine Niles is a bully, plain and simple. Her haughty 'HOW-DARE-YOU-DEFY-ME' attitude is laughable. Her embarrassing adulation of her boss puts her into that particular subset of women who associate with, worship and fiercely defend, men with same-sex attraction. I will not use the appropriate phrase here so as not to be accused of calumny.

    The simple fact is that there would be NO Traditional Latin Mass anywhere if not for the SSPX. They saved it and there wouldn't even BE an FSSP without them in the first place...QED

  31. In April, 2020 Church Militant published a nasty article on Boise's Bishop Peter Christensen. I wonder if Ms. Carroll, who currently lives in Boise, influenced that piece as well? At the same time there was a hard line couple running the local Boise Una Voce group. They were displeased with Bishop Peter for not providing Boiseans a dedicated TLM parish. It seems too coincidental.