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Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Fantasies: What If….?

What if….everyone followed the advice of St. Francis de Sales and put the best construction on the actions of others and the most critical on their own?

What if…. everyone followed the golden rule and treated others the way they would like to be treated?

What if…everyone loved and protected children, especially the most vulnerable?

What if….everyone respected the elderly and valued their wisdom and embraced the opportunity to learn from them.

What if…everyone smiled when they made eye contact with another person?

What if…everyone got up in the morning and thanked God for ten blessings? Or five? Or even one?

What if…everyone made a point of thanking those who helped or encouraged them in their life’s journey?

What if…everyone put their cell phones and computers aside for 24 hours and played games, or took a walk, or just listened to their loved ones with rapt attention?

What if…nobody raised their voices when they were angry, but spoke even more softly or just remained silent?

What if…everybody imagined things the way God sees them rather than silly celebrities?

What’s your “What if…” for the day? 

1 comment:

  1. What if …. Everyone joined “Mason” and just refused stupid “mandates”?

    I’m with Mason. The little fella has a lot more sense than the ding dongs who keep putting their hands in his face to keep the young lad covered and smothered.

    “This Is Child Abuse”

    What if we all joined Mason in protest of stupid, illegal rules?