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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Liars at the White House Keep Blaming the Latest COVID Cases on the Unvaccinated....

 ....while they hide the number of breakthrough infections on their own staff. Check out these articles:

White House Refuses to Disclose Number of COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases Among Staff 
According to the CDC, as of July 19, over 161 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated, while, during the same period, the agency received reports of 5,914 vaccinated patients with breakthrough infections who were hospitalized or died.
35,000 Americans Getting Symptomatic COVID-19 per Week Despite Being Vaccinated: CDC
COVID-19 cases among vaccinated Americans are known as breakthrough cases. The CDC stopped publicly reporting the number of breakthrough cases on May 1, except for those that result in hospitalization or death.

The last count the agency released was 10,262 through April 30. But that was an acknowledged undercount, because the case numbers came from voluntary reporting from states and territories. Some states didn’t submit any numbers....
According to data from COVID-NET...15 percent of the in-hospital deaths in May were among the fully vaccinated, a significant jump from 3.1 percent in April.

Additionally, 9 percent of COVID-19 patients in May were fully vaccinated, nearly double the number from a month prior.

The best protection against the Wuhan virus is to get the illness, get over it, and develop natural immunity. I had it in March and its effective. I've cared for and been around several others who contracted the virus -- people living with me. I'm calling myself nurse Mary Ann these days as I tend to my patients making sure they stay hydrated and eat well, and take immune-supporting vitamins and supplements.

When doctors use the effective treatments and protocols, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, most people will get over the disease in about a week. In fact, those under 70 with no complicating factors like obesity or diabetes, have only about a 1% risk of death. So turn off the panic mode and exercise common sense.

The virus is no fun. I can testify to that, but it's not something which should cause panic. Many of the deaths were unnecessary due to the CDC and FDA suppressing effective treatments. They got right in the middle of the doctor/patient relationship and banned doctors from treating their patients. Fauci and company own the high rate of deaths from the disease, not to mention deaths from suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. precipitated by all the draconian measures. 

It's time to hold them all accountable.


Andrew Dunn said...

This is THE biggest, organized crime against humanity since the killing fields of Cambodia. It really bothers me how easily the American people have rolled over and succumbed to this death cult state religion. The takeaway is that the goals of 50+ years of cultural secularism has finally come to fruition. Whatever traces of a Christian nation we were are gone: only a remnant remains.

As for the US government, I don’t think it exists anymore. I think we’ve been a globalist oligarchy since the first George Bush administration. All the democrats/republican drama has been just that: drama to distract the American people while the globalists implement their freemasonic hell-world on us. Case in point: John Boenner and Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he wanted. Second case in point: Mike Pence. Etc., etc., etc.

Does anyone wonder why Trump never fired that little bastard Anthony Fauci? He sure had no problem firing competent people in his administration. And, why is Fauci still there in this Biden “administration” while all the others from the Trump years are gone? I don’t know who exactly is at the head of the satanic pyramid but it’s more than obvious that Fauci and Bill Gates have and have had more power over us than Trump and that demented fool in the White House.

Unknown said...


john said...

Trumped threw in the towel to the NWO elite overnight, and began pushing the satanic death jabs ( and he still does); he no longer has any credibility.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm beginning to wonder if they're all in on it. You know, "good cop, bad cop?" I took down my Trump flags because of his pushing the vaccine even after it's become obvious that it's a disaster.

rohrbachs said...

There is a lot of evidence trump was a dem plant. We would never have masked and locked down under someone who admitted he was a democrat.