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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Horrors of Sex Education! Is this what you want for your children?

Parents, are you paying attention? Do you know the kind of indoctrination your children are getting in the public schools? 


This is how the pamphlet opens:

Did you know that… 
• Some public schools teach children they could be born in the wrong body?1 
• Young teens are shown videos with techniques to pleasure their sex partners?2 
• Students are told how to get secret abortions without telling their parents?3 
Most of us remember what sex education was like when we were in school. A couple of uncomfortable hours. Line drawings showing human growth and development. Admonitions to be careful, respect others, and save sex for marriage. Things are very different today. The “facts of life” have not changed, but “inclusivity” and “sex positivity” and other popular buzz-word concepts have changed sex education.

Appalled yet? Just wait until you read the entire thing. You wonder why your children rebel, why they seem alienated from you and your values. This is why! Get educated and get angry! It's time for parents to rebel and get their children away from the immoral monsters targeting kids. 

Pray and fight. And if you think you can't home school, check out this site.  

Homeschooling isn't as daunting as it seems; you can do it!

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Susan Matthiesen said...

"Homeschooling isn't as daunting as it seems; you can do it!" So true. If I could homeschool my youngest, anyone can homeschool their children. She was homeschooled (Seton) from 5th grade through 12th. She went to Villanova then got her Masters at Georgetown.

Homeschooling left time for vacations and travel, piano lessons, voice lessons and swim team and the cost was 1/10th that of sending her to Catholic school.

I decided to homeschool because of the Catholic school she attended where the Catholic teacher in 4th grade said she should be an altar girl because one day there would be women priests and she could be one. They would not send the "health" book home so I went into the classroom after school one day and got it off the shelf. The teacher rushed over and said I couldn't do that. Haha. It was the proverbial "watch me" moment. I had to explain to the principal that Vatican II had not changed the teaching on sodomy...that homosexuality was still a sin. EVERY DAY there was something.

The 5th grade teacher was a liberal feminist...didn't like her one bit and couldn't see her teaching my child ANYTHING the next school year. This teacher later became the principal and now is in PRISON for something...cannot remember what but at least that proves that my instincts were correct in not trusting her to teach my child.

After that 4th grade school year I was positively worn out. I figured that homeschooling was much easier than having to fight everyday. And it was. So don't hesitate. Homeschooling is a blessing.